Zodiac Yoga: Cancer - Intuitive, True & Determined

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Cancer: Jun 21 – Jul 22

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Being likened to a crab may not seem like the most flattering comparison, but the truth of it is that Cancer has a lot going for it even with this association. Crabs are intuitive, true, and determined and most Cancers will relate to these traits. In fact, you make a very loyal friend and your companions know this about you. You’re tenacious and ferocious, but also easily hurt once you let others inside. You’re well adapted to change and resilient when there are problems, but experiences may have made you insecure or timid and therefore you can be cautious or moody when meeting new people. This isn’t helped by your almost psychic ability to read situations, but that also means you have a tight-knit group of friends who love and respect you and you do the same for them. Chakras and other elements of yoga philosophy will interest you as you strive to learn more about how to get in touch with your own body and mind.  Yoga styles with more spiritual aspects like Kundalini may also spark your interest.

Power Poses

Whilst the crab may make you believe postures where you curl up into a tight ball would be fitting, Cancers will actually enjoy postures with focus on balance and the third eye. Think Tree Pose, and Warrior 3 where there is an element of focus on what the body is doing while you balance. Handstands, headstands and arm balances all have a drishti at the Third Eye and could really help you focus inward on your body and breath whilst conquering fear. If you’re not up for a heavy practice, Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Child’s Pose and Bridge Pose will give you this same benefit in a completely different way.

Counter Poses

Because of your tendency to judge situations (either rightly, or wrongly!) at first instance, it can be helpful to practice postures that open the heart. Try Dancer Pose and Half Moon to do this in your comfort zone of balances, or Camel Pose which has a focus on the Third Eye but leaves the heart and neck chakras open and vulnerable. This vulnerability will likely feel uncomfortable, but this is good practice for overcoming fear.

Chakra & Intention

Third Eye – “I see clearly”




Moonstone, Aragonite


Try a gratitude meditation where you can focus your compassionate and sympathetic self on people you both know and don’t know. This will also help your sometimes prickly nature when amongst strangers. Cancers also love a bit of creativity so maybe combine this meditation with your artistic flair by drawing or painting pictures for your friends.

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