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Sanity Not Vanity - Pointe Studio

They’re more than just socks, okay? They’re really really really good socks that help you grip when you dip, stay when you slay, and hold when you fold… okay, that last one didn’t make much sense. But you get it. These socks don’t slide and are a great asset to a sweaty or movement filled practice like barre, pilates, vinyasa flow, or hot yoga. Many of our yogis who’ve tried them rave about how great they are for getting more use out of their mat without tearing it apart with hard trainers. 

Pointe Studio is owned and operated by women who know how to work up a sweat -- barre instructors, spin teachers, personal trainers, mothers, bakers, programmers, dancers, and friends -- who know that fitness is more than a luxury, it’s a survival strategy and a necessity to life. They believe in mental fitness over physical fitness. In sanity over vanity. In strength over slim. And that breaking a sweat is a breakthrough. To that end, they make fun and functional products that motivate and empower your personal journey, whatever your end goal may be.

Pointe Studio believes a workout shouldn’t completely deplete your energy, it should fill you up as well. They are after the stress-relief, the re-energize, re-center, kick some bum vibes you gather when you get that ass to class. They think you should get after it and take breaks in equal measure -  because what’s the fun if you can’t stop to enjoy a few treats along the way?

They’re inspired by art, music and color. They believe in living loudly and celebrating individuality. Whether it’s holding planks a little longer, tucking a little harder, or clocking the miles blister free, Pointe Studio’s vibrant and action ready styles will give you the energy. We sell a wide range of colours and fun patterns in our shop and they make great gifts for yogis who seem to already have everything.