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Celeb-Approved Yoga Activewear - Alo Yoga

It’s no wonder that everyone seems to be wearing Alo leggings. You’ll see them on our teachers, our clients, and on our mannequins in store. Their fabrics are stunning, the colours beautiful, the support is flawless, and not only that, their range of styles can go anywhere with you. We see them out on the street, at the supermarket, and on the mat.That’s because every Alo collection starts with fashion, but that doesn’t mean they lack flexibility and durability.

    Importantly, like all WEDOYOGA family brands, Alo is more than style. They are a humane and eco-conscious brand that can stand up to daily wear and give you free range of movement in your practice. 

    Have you ever had a favourite pair of leggings that you just live in? That’s how we feel about Alo leggings. They started in Los Angeles in 2007 with a goal to bring more yoga to people’s lives by not only inspiring their practice, but also making a range of clothing that can go from street-wear to active-wear seamlessly (pun intended). Inspiring mindful movement is at the core of their brand and they want to inspire current yogis and yogis-to-be because they believe that mindful movement leads to better living and we couldn’t agree more. Because when you can wear your activewear anywhere, you can be active anywhere.

    By creating products that work on-the-go and in the studio, they hope to bring a wider audience into the practice and we have to say, we think it’s working! We’ve noticed more than a few of our family rocking up to practice or a quick brunch in the moto leggings or one of the great solid colours. 

    You can see their leggings and tops on celebrities because they’re not only fashion-forward, but highly adaptable to every-day life situations, from lounging to remote working, to studio. Celebs like Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Kendall Jenner have been seen wearing their eye-catching and classic leggings. This is without a doubt a brand where style meets active and Alo Yoga products are a true luxury in fabric, design and functionality. Beyond style, some of the world’s most influential yogis teach at Alo and are wearing their clothing. 

     What We Love About Alo

    We love the versatility and everyday comfort of their High-Waist Airbrush leggings. The fabric sculpts and smooths while still feeling cotton-y and light. They’re great for yoga practice or out on a hike. We like to pair them with an Alo silky smooth bra like the Sneak Long Bra, or for more support and lift we like the Airlift Intrigue Bra which gives your confidence a boost as well as your decolletage in a lightweight second-skin feel fabric. The Hight-Waist Moto Leggings look great with a t-shirt and denim jacket and equally stylish in the studio when busting out a Warrior 2. And as well as being tummy flattening, booty-lifting, thigh-tightening, and seamlessly sculpting, they’re dry-wicking and antimicrobial. How about that for bang for your buck? 

    Alo make the most technologically advanced performance yoga clothing. Every garment has been fit tested in every size before it goes into production and Alo have an obsession about the technical fabrics they use, the style in which they are cut and put together, and the way the garments perform under pressure. The designers at Alo research and engineer new pieces of clothing relentlessly and push to drive yogawear forward to stay ahead of trends and create timeless collections. So when you look at the price and maybe question it, we can say that it’s completely worth it when you know you’re buying absolute quality and it will last through the years and fads. It’s why thousands of yogis worldwide buy their products again and again. It’s also why some of our customers have said it feels like ‘magic’ is working out in these leggings!

    If you’re looking for a line of yoga gear that makes you confident, we can’t think of a sweep of products that does better. The decision is not whether or not to buy them, it’s which colour and how many pairs of leggings to I really need. Ha! We, of course, recommend them all and in every colour. 

    As ever at WEDOYOGA, we don’t buy into fast-fashion, so although Alo clothes look great and function perfectly, it can’t come at a cost to our beautiful Earth. They are a part of our brand family because they hold some of the highest standards for eco-friendly and humane activewear on the market. We are so proud to have them on our racks and on our staff and clients. 

    They are 100% sweatshop free and every sewing facility has an Alo employee overseeing day-to-day practices. They hold an accreditation from WRAP which is the largest independent watchdog organisation verifying that the Alo factories and offices operate in the most ethical and humane ways. They also use the best low-water dyes to produce a fabulous range of colours across their lines and also power their headquarters and California flagship store with solar-power. Not to mention that they managed to create an amazing office recycling program that reduces their daily waist to that of a household!  We love their commitment to keeping things clean!

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