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    Spritz Wellness embodies a balanced lifestyle of wellness, yoga, exercise, and living with purpose. The use of aromatherapy, be it through an atmosphere mist or a scented eye pillow or mask, is just one way to be grounded and find calm in a very busy world. The Spritz Wellness brand embodies timeless style, passion, and quality. Great care and attention to detail are put into our products, with each designed to stimulate the senses, calm the mind, energise the soul and enhance the sleep experience. All eye pillows, eye masks, atmosphere mists, and yoga mat sprays are lovingly crafted in the UK with all-natural ingredients.

    Spritz Wellness Commitment

    Keep the oceans clean. We strive to be a 100% natural company. All products are made of glass with very minimal packaging. All atmosphere mist and yoga mat spray packaging can be reused or recycled. We have a strong affinity to the sea and are dedicated to keeping it clean. A portion of proceeds from products sold are donated to Surfers Against Sewage. We regularly partake in beach cleans to keep the coastlines of Britain clean and safe.

    About The Founder

    Spritz Wellness is a holistic company founded in 2017 by Laura Colucci. Laura is a trained yoga teacher and owns a yoga studio in West Sussex where the Spritz Wellness brand was born. She splits her time between London and her beach house in West Sussex and the inspiration for the Spritz Wellness products comes from a combination of yoga, nature and the sea.

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