1-1 and Private Sessions

1-1 yoga sessions are perfect for those who wish to take up a new practice (or get back to an old one) but maybe require privacy or personal modifications they couldn't get from a regular class. For example, if you are using your session as part of a recovery programme or physio, or if you have been advised to take up exercise by a doctor or healthcare professional, we would reccomend a 1-1 class. 

About 1-1 Yoga Sessions + Private Classes:

We offer all private sessions and classes for 1 hour long. Within your 1st session, you and your teacher can discuss why you are starting these sessions, what you hope to gain, and flag any key areas of the body to work/avoid. You can also discuss any class styles/poses within the practice to find what works for you. 

Your teacher will then create a training plan/programme for you, that will focus on your chosen areas, and ensure you don't worsen any existing health issues, or create any new ones of course! 

Any subsequent 1-1 sessions, we reccomend to be the usual 60 minutes duration (however if you requre any variations on this, just let us know!) and you will use this time to progress through your training plan.  


Regular 1-1 Session (60 mins): £55

How To Book: 

Please email our at team at hello@wedoyoga.co.uk to book your first 1-1 sessions.