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    Fueled by Fashion, Engineered for Motion, & Masterfully Executed.

    Discover TAVI, a globally respected brand that embraces every woman's wardrobe, weaving its essence into the fabric of a vibrant community. IMPRINTED WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE STUDIO Born from the vision of instructors, TAVI swiftly transcended studio walls to become a fixture in workout spaces worldwide.

    TAVI are champions of femininity in its myriad expressions, igniting confidence and dynamic movement across our community of studio proprietors, instructors, and patrons. Crafting exquisite, groundbreaking, and versatile performance activewear, we champion personal evolution within and beyond the studio.

    TAVI'S mission extends beyond mere apparel; it's about making a positive impact wherever life takes us. Whether in the studio, at the gym, or navigating our daily routines, we show up prepared to excel and exude our best selves. Just as you persevere, so do we. Committed to continual innovation and embracing the future, we stand by you every step of the journey. FIT. FLATTER. FLOW. Each collection seamlessly melds high fashion, designer inspiration, and meticulously curated elements.

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