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Candier: The Internet-Famous Sassy Candles. 

Naturally sourced, cruelty free, 60+ hours of burn time and, oh, did we mention they have some serious attitude? Prepare to be sassed by these candles!

All of Candier's candles are hand-blended and poured in the USA, using only the highest quality pure essential oils, and made 100% out of soy wax. Palm oil free, these candles also help protect our precious rainforests! 

Like WEDOYOGA, Candier is a lady-boss founded, owned and operated independent business. A portion of all profits go to Friendship Bridge, a non-profit organisation that empowers underprivileged women, so you know are supporting a good cause with your purchase! 

The Perfect Gift

We might be biased, but Candier candles are hands-down one of the best gifts on the market. With genius candles for every occassion, you will find the perfect gift for your candle loving friend, partner or even yourself. When was the last time you treated yourself?

Some of our personal favourites include:

Love Blah Blah Wine

Perfect for: Self Celebration!

Smells like: Citrus, Plum, Black Cherry, Freesia, Musk

Show yourself some love! Celebrate yourself and your many amazing qualities. It may not be the right time for that relationship at the moment, and that's ok! You are all you need. Show yourself the love you deserve, without the relationship drama! Love Blah Blah Wine

Personally Victimised By My Own Child

Perfect for: Calming that Manic Mind! 

Smells like: Cherry Blossom, Rose & Magnolia, Warm Sandalwood

Parenthood is a full-time job! Tauntrums, school-runs, and trying to force some veggies down a stubborn child can seriously take it out of you. Light up this cute little candle and take some to unwind. You most definitely deserve it, the parent life ain't easy! 

Peronally Victimised


Be Your Own Sugar Daddy

Perfect for: Boss-lady Mindset

Smells like: Rose & Carnation, Lily of the Valley, White Pepper

This girl boss only has time for herself! Independent and driven, you don't need nobody to fatten your bank balance, you've got it covered! But even the most motivated Girl-boss needs to kick back now and then. Light up this candle, and bask in the glory of your achievments!

Be your own sugar daddy

Check out the whole Candier Candle range today!


By: Katrina Scales

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