The Brazilian-Born Liquido

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Liquido was born to stand out, to work hard, and play hard making bold and bright fitness attire using the finest raw materials, manufacturing and people processes and high standards. This ambitious company was born way back in 2001 in São Paulo, Brazil with a mission to bring together high quality and affordability for beautiful fitness and swimwear. Recognising that water is essential to life, the founders believed good active clothing is just as vital, hence the name Liquido. Originally, their popularity spread via word of mouth and soon they were able to open several stores across the city. Today the brand is bigger than ever before; after bringing more entrepreneurs into the company, they now have more than 80 stores throughout Brazil, Australia and the US and distribute their bold activewear globally.

It’s all about limited edition and sweatshop free clothing that’ll take you from street to studio seamlessly and flawlessly. Their amazing leggings are 50+ UVA/UVB protective, quick-drying, never see-though and have an breathtaking stretch for whatever activities you may see them through. Liquido makes it their mission to stand out, to push boundaries and help you look amazing, find strength and cultivate confidence. All products are made to the highest of standards in their headquarters in Brazil, where people are at the forefront of the company and treated and paid fairly and respectfully. You can feel good about every purchase from Liquido, and feel amazing wearing each limited edition piece.

We stock Liquido at WEDOYOGA because we love their ethical standpoint and feel-good purchasing power. We like to feel as good about the history of our activewear as we do when we wear it, and we sure feel good in these leggings! Their stunning limited edition designs and beautiful finishing will make you feel inspired to be active and get on your mat. One of the biggest pet peeves we hear is the vast array of see-though yoga pants available right now. But Liquido helps us not worry about this, allowing our downward dogs to be as blissful as they should be. And they’re just as at home in the ocean as on the mat, especially with their UVA/UVB protection!

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    Love these bright, vibrant colours!

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