6 Yoga Classes to Celebrate This Year's Valentine's Day

Spend this Valentine's day by celebrating yoga with your love one or a friend! Here are 6 yoga classes you can do to spend your Valentine's doing yoga together!

1. Partner Up With Acro Yoga

One of the best ways to do yoga as partners is acro yoga. Not only do you get to have a session together, you actually work as a team to create partner poses. It often involves one person being the base and another the flyer, however there are plenty of combinations where both parties stay on the ground. It's a fantastic experience to have with your loved one, all about supporting each other and balancing each other out by combining your strengths to compensate for one another's weaknesses. 

acro yoga wedoyoga

2. Get Upside Down With An Inversions Workshop

Inversions are like the new black. Search #yoga on Instagram, and at least a third of the pictures you'll see will be of upside down yoga enthusiasts. There are plenty of workshops across the country to give you tools to perfect that handstand, and to strengthen your body to keep your balance upside down. Now, why is it a great workshop for couples as opposed to, let's say, Ashtanga? Best way to practise inversions is with a spotter rather than against a wall, and who could be a more trustworthy person to spot you than your partner? Plus, you normally get to do some partner stretching at the end to relieve the tension in you muscles.

3. Try A Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is a dynamic bodywork therapy rooted in the healing traditions of Ayurvedic medicine. You are assisted into a series of yoga poses by the Thai yoga massage practitioner, and the whole practice helps to relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility, improve blood circulation and aid your immune system. It's an incredibly relaxing experience akin to a spa day, except it leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.

4. Beer Yoga

A novelty trend, beer yoga, quickly gained following in the past couple of years all over the world. I mean, what's not to like? If you and your partner like beer but don't find crowded pubs quite as appealing as a yoga studio, consider combining the two to celebrate Valentine's Day. These classes are, of course, more casual and relaxed, so it's especially suited for beginners, or those who don't normally frequent classes because they fear to embarrass themselves, by falling over or otherwise.

beer yoga hitchin lavender fields

5. Private Session

For those who don't fancy sharing their Valentine's Day with a class full of people, there's always an option of private tuition. The beauty of it is that it's tailored to you and your partner or partners. You have the option to practice in the comfort of your own home, and you get a say in the main focus of the session, be it backbends, vinyasa flow, or inversions. It's also a great option for practitioners with a physical disability as not every class can cater to certain things. When choosing the teacher to guide you through the session, try to find someone with previous experience in working with small groups, and be sure to meet beforehand to talk about your goals and expectations to get the most of your session. You can even prepare a special playlist to accompany the physical experience.

6. Romantic Home Practice

If having a teacher with you on Valentine's Day is still too much, consider an even more intimate option – a romantic session at home. Make some space for your mats, set the mood – music, candles, essential oils, rose petals, whatever you consider romantic. You can plan the session yourself if you have sufficient experience, or resort to other means of tuition – DVDs, YouTube video tutorials, a yoga app or a sequencing book. You can make your session as short or as long as it suits you both, take breaks whenever you feel like it, and replace the calories you spend with chocolate as you please!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day yogis!

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