Yoga Teacher Training Attendance Policy

We're committed to helping you achieve your yoga teaching goals and our program places a strong emphasis on attendance and participation, which is why we have established a clear attendance policy.

What is the Attendance Policy?
In order to receive a certification from WEDOYOGA, it is essential that you fulfill all course hours and complete the associated written assignments or homework. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and sometimes you may have prior personal commitments that cannot be rescheduled. If you anticipate missing any training hours, you have the option to schedule private sessions with a lead teacher (see details below).

Who Should I Notify If I Need to Miss Training Hours?
If you anticipate arriving late for a training session or need to skip a module, it is crucial to promptly contact one of the lead teachers. You can reach out to them through the course WhatsApp Group or via email at

Make-Up Sessions for Missed Training Hours
For any missed training hours, it's necessary to arrange a make-up session to cover the material you missed. Please be aware that these private make-up sessions are not included in the teacher training cost and will involve an additional fee. The discounted private rate for these sessions is £70 per hour, and payments should be made directly to the lead teacher. Students are allowed to miss a maximum of two modules.

What Happens If I Can't Complete the Course Requirements?
If a student is unable to meet all the requirements by the scheduled graduation date, we will continue to work with them to find a suitable solution and assist in completing the program. Please note that depending on the time and training required for program completion, additional fees may apply.