Meet Lydia Taber

Lydia is a local ballerina, born and raised in Letchworth. 

A dancer of 35+ years, Lydia spent several years on the ruthless showbiz circuit, auditioning and performing in London, before returning to her hometown and taking up Ballet teaching!

About Lydia

Lydia is a local ballerina, born and raised in Letchworth. A dancer her whole life, Lydia pursued this passion, progressing to a professional level of dance, travelling up north and gaining her BA in Drama at the University of Hull, before heading to the glittering London showbiz life, and later teaching Ballet. 

In 2014, Lydia left full-time school teaching to open her own Dance school - Beat Republic Academy of Dance - which operates in Letchworth. Alongside this she also teaches Barre and BeatFit in gyms.

Lydias Teaching

Lydia's Barre Fusion class combines her passion for Ballet, with powerful toning and conditioning exercises used by professional dancers to help build strength in the legs, back and core.Using her background knowledge and experience, Lydia delivers classes that are fun, high-energy, and of course, no-pain-no-gain! Her Barre Fusion classes are accessible to all levels of fitness, with no prior experience in Dance needed. Expect to feel the burn and leave sweaty!


Qualifications: Associate of Ballet Faculty with IDTA (AIDTA); Anatomy & Physiology Diploma (IDTA); Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in Secondary - Subjects Dance & Drama.

Random Facts About Lydia

  • Dancing runs in the family, there is a long line of dancers on her Dad's side, dating back to her Great-Grandmother.
  • Her favourite food is anything Italian - and pineapple definitely belongs on pizza.
  • She can rollerskate and loves a roller disco.
  • She cannot resist a good ghost story, especially those of M. R. James.
  • Her favourite Ballet is The Nutcracker.