Meet Kelly Bottesch

Kelly is a local Yoga teacher who enjoys supporting you on a journey of loving awareness through a combination of Yin, vinyasa, mediation and breathwork. Her intention is to guide you through a practice that deepens your connection to your mind, body and soul.

About Kelly

Kelly has worked closely with people in her beauty therapy business for 16 years. Her empathic nature and love of connection with those that she meets has helped Kelly to develop a compassionate awareness of all that life throws at us. As a result, Kelly has learnt the power of meeting yourself on the yoga mat daily, advocating for breath and movement as a great medicine. Kelly believes that regular yoga practice teaches us to let go of unhelpful mind patterns and cultivate stillness from within.

Kelly's Yoga Teaching

Kelly first discovered Yoga 13 years ago and found that it was a profound tool that helped her on her journey of living with anxiety. She would often say to her teacher that “yoga is like magic” and hopes to help re-create this magic for you in her class.

Kelly’s will guide you through an Elemental Yoga practice in both Yin and Yang styles. She will gently encourage your exploration of the self and  wants you to find moments of revelation in your practice. She will encourage you to stay connected to the sensations that you are feeling as you move through each pose, gaining confidence in your self practice. Kelly’s training has been focused on the functional aspects of asana, with awareness that each body is constructed uniquely. 

Kelly’s has completed her 200hrs with the Yoga people 2023, 35hrs Yin and Elements with the Yoga People, 20hrs Mandala with Dulce Aguilar and 20hrs Elemental Flow and Chakras with Steffy White. Her study is varied and ongoing. 

Random Facts About Kelly

  • Kelly is a mum of 2 boys and her little dog Olive.
  • Kelly believes that connecting to nature by walking or running is a daily must. 
  • Kelly loves art and creating, especially using water colour.
  • Kelly has a growing interest in astrology and moon cycles.