Meet Claire Kenna

Practicing yoga is finding comfort, a sense of loving kindness and the ability to be present…….the beauty is that this feeling is accessible to everyone! It is an absolute joy to guide others towards finding their inner light and true potential building mental and physical resilience in a safe space developing strength and confidence on and off the mat. Life’s challenges and tensions can be released and gently melt away when we dedicate the time to quieten our minds and connect with the power within our own uniquely astonishing bodies. Are you ready to reconnect with your innate strength?

About Claire

Yoga has been a part of Claire's life for 18 years and has helped her truly connect with the physical and mental experience of living life in this universe. Life is an unknown journey and despite our best efforts to control our destiny there are subtle energies shifting and pulling us to exactly where we are supposed to be. It can be all too easy to forget we’re living on a big rock spinning in the cosmos influenced by the shifting of the sun, moon and stars. It is no wonder we don’t always feel energised!  With all of this subtle movement and the stresses and demands of daily life our minds and bodies feel different every single day – for Claire Yoga has been her constant, helps her feel grounded and is always there to guide her mindfully towards a better mental and physical state of being through all the ups and downs. Claire has experienced how yoga has had a positive effect on her mental and physical health, when she move to a new town or city knowing absolutely no-one, she knew there is always a yoga community waiting to welcome her with open arms. Yoga has been a sense of home for her and she loves nothing more than discovering somewhere new, walking through fields, forests, beaches or urban green spaces with my travel mat under her arm and finding the perfect spot to practice sun salutations in nature. 

Claire grew up beside the outstanding north coast of Northern Ireland and her love of rural spaces, white sandy beaches and laid back, simple living is forever ingrained in her roots. She can’t promise that the ‘Luck-of-the-Irish’ with rub off on you if you join her for a yoga class my hope is that when you roll up your mat afterwards your heart will feel lighter, your mind will feel brighter and you’ll have a twinkle in your eye that only you know is the ‘ah-ha’ moment where you realised during practice that everything you need has always been inside of you.

Claire's Yoga Teaching

Claire’s classes take inspiration from Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga led yoga to creatively awaken the body in moving meditation connecting the mind, body and soul through awareness of the breath and freedom of self-discovery in playful movement and nurturing stillness. You will be encouraged to protect your body, mindfully work within your own range of movement and be offered optional challenges and rests throughout.

Claire’s aim is to celebrate the diversity of all individuals acting only as a guide to help develop inner strength, respect and appreciation for your own body and emotional state, bringing awareness to everything we are capable of in this moment. Claire has experienced how yoga has made her feel invincible against adversity and is honoured to share practice that aims to ignite energy within and restore balance. Expect Claire’s love of nature to shine through and weather permitting some outdoor practice with the sun on your face, earth beneath your feet and gentle warm balmy breeze enhancing your flow through re-energising asanas.

Qualifications: RYT 200hr certified yoga instructor
First Aid – Emergency First Aid at Work

Random Facts About Claire

  • Volunteered at a Buddhist monastery and loves silent retreats
  • Have ran half marathons in Northern Ireland, completed Tough Mudder in Scotland and Spartan at Twickenham Stadium 
  • Donated 10 inches of hair to The Little Princess Trust (making wigs for girls with cancer)
  • Can touch my nose with my tongue – big nose or long tongue??
  • Get excited propagating Chinese money plants - as a plant parent also worries about leaving them when on holiday
  • Enjoy life drawing as a relaxing, creative release to tune into the flow of merging lines on paper
  • Have a slight addiction to cheese and kimchi, though not eaten together…yet! (never say never)
  • Love to relax by singing very badly while cooking creatively…..not so badly