Zodiac Yoga: Tune Into Your Inner Gemini

Gemini Horoscope : Wedoyoga

Passionate and inquisitive, Geminis can adapt to any situation be it home alone on a Saturday night, or out on the town with friends. Your ruling planet is Mercury, the fastest-moving planet which manifests itself in you in your quick wit and energetic nature. Your best traits are adaptability, passion, and the ability to think quickly and with accuracy. Geminis can also be impatient and prone to trivialising emotion so it’s important when practicing yoga to move slowly and focus on the breath to keep the mind from wondering.

Power Poses

Geminis are excellent communicators which means any heart-opening position is going to feel natural to you. Add Cobra, Camel and Lord of the Dance Poses to your next sequence to practice in your comfort zone. Use props like blocks and straps to play around with adapting the same postures to suit your various needs. In Trikonasana add a block under your palm to help you open the chest more and facilitating the spinal twist and extension along the side body.

Counter Poses

Because of your nature to get-up-and-go, perhaps one of the most important aspects of your practice is in stillness. This is why practicing Savasana and Lotus poses may be difficult, but essential to your mental well-being. If you’re struggling to keep the mind still try some breathing techniques like alternate nostril breathing or simply counting the length of inhales and exhales to stay focused.






Rock Crystal, Citrine, Apophyllite


Thought and emotions can sometimes get a little trapped in your body making your feel anxious or frustrated. Try a dynamic form of exercise like Power or Kundalini yoga or try trail running to help settle the mind as well as release some sweat and stress.


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