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Liquido was dreamt up in a garage in Curu beach, Costa Rica, in 2012. Since then Renata Facchini (founder, entrepreneur, and yogi) has brought the brand to Australia, Europe, Asia, America, and now us!

One of the reasons we love Liquido is because of their active approach to sustainability. No sustainable effort is ever too small for Liquido. From replacing traditional plastic packaging with fully biodegradable paper to using soy-based ink in their packaging sticker. Crafted from Amni Soul Eco-fabric, Liquido garments break down within 5 years into organic matter (biomass) and biogas; both of these can then be exploited as new environmental resources as well as being used to cogenerate electricity. Amazing, right? 

Check out our favourite Liquido leggings below!

7/8 Eco Legging Blue Caiman

7/8 Eco Legging Blue Caiman

We Caiman, we saw, we bought! These leggings are boldly beautiful, and are sure to turn heads on the mat, or in the street! 

Liquido designs for all fits, athletic to curvy. So everyone can feel amazing in the 7/8 Legging. The soft, flexible fabric enhances your movement and provides comfort with superior breathability and support. What's not to love?

This style fits snug on the hips, but if you're looking for a higher rise, we got you! The Caiman leggings are also available in an 'Ultra High-Rise' fit. Something for everyone!

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7/8 Eco Legging Açai Berry

Liquido 7/8 Eco Legging Açai BerryFor those who just can't start the day without their yoghurt/berry bowl, we got you.

We get our health kick just LOOKING at these leggings. When we put them on, we feel invincible, and the super flattering silhouette shows off all practice efforts paying off!

Show the world you're serious about your health kicks, rock up to practice ready to storm through practice energetically, and then go grab an Açai smoothie! 

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7/8 Eco Legging Panther Chameleon

Liquido 7/8 Eco Legging Panther Chameleon

All-good Karma with this Chameleon! Funky and fierce, these leggings are the perfect balance of karmic cool, with a kick of jungle mania!

They're quick drying and super flexible, making them great for hot yoga, or other demanding practices! Their super-soft Amni Soul Eco fabric means that these leggings are also amazing for gentle, relaxation based practices, or even just chilling on the couch. Any practice (or chill session) will be enhanced by these leggings! 

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By: Izzy Bekesi

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