The Ultimate Yogi Gift Guide 2021

Shopping for a yoga buddy or loved one doesn’t have to be difficult. This is a failsafe yogi-gift guide, perfect for the upcoming festive season, but really applicable to any occasion! You can find all you need for every type of yogi in your life. Why not grab something for yourself whilst you’re here too? You deserve it! 

Gift Guide for Activewear Lovers

We all know someone who believes style shouldn't cost comfort, athleisure was practically invented for them! They love working out and looking good doing so, or maybe they just love all the gear (no idea needed).  Their ideal workout wear is the type that can take them beyond the studio, and these pieces are certain to turn heads strutting down the street (tried and tested, trust us!). 
Gift Guide for Women's Activewear  2021
Gift Guide Ladie's Activewear 2021

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Gift Guide for Book Lovers

They use their mat as a reading space almost more than they do to practice. Always looking to expand their knowledge, or get lost in a fantasy world, this person never leaves home without a book in their bag! From practise tips to meditation techniques, read all about it here!
Gift Guide for Book Lovers 2021

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Gift Guide for Worried Warrior Yogis

For someone who needs to calm the F down! They scare you sometimes... Looking for a safe way to tell them that they need to calm the F down? Why not gift-wrap your concerns, and bring them the gift of chilling out. Plus, you will reap the benefits of their newfound calm, a calming gift for them is a gift for you. Win-win! 
Gift Guides for Chill and Calming gifts

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Gift Guide for Relaxation & Meditation

Constantly horizontal, enviably zen, this person justifies their love of Savasana as being passionate about their yoga practice, but we know the truth...and we can totally relate! Support the Savasana, and aid their quest for the ultimate relaxation with our made-for-meditation products! 
Gift Guide for Relaxation and Meditation 2021
Gift Guide for Relaxation and Meditation

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 Yoga, Fitness, Pilates Christmas Gifts For Under £20

Gifts for Pilates and Barre

For the one who takes their workouts VERY seriously. They don't shy away from a tough session, in fact, they throw open the door and kick it in the face!  These gifts are perfect for an absolute cardio addict! Give them everything they need to continue kicking it in their high-impact class!

Gift Guide for Pilates and Barre 2021

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Gift Guide for Prop Lovers 

More is more with this yogi! They are constantly experimenting with their practice, and love to change things up. THEY know what the bolster is all about. Aid their exploration, prop up their practice, give them ALLL the props (and a bag to carry them in) this Christmas.
Gift Guide for Yoga Props 2021

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 Yoga, Fitness, Pilates Christmas Gifts For Under £50

Gift Guide for Your Yoga Buddy

It's time to give back to your loyal yoga buddy. Show your appreciation for their constant company in your classes.
Gift guide for Yoga Friends 2021

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Gift Guide for Yoga Beginners 

For the friend or family member who has just made the commitment to a new practice. Maybe they chose to, maybe you simply decided you didn't want to go to class alone and FORCED them to. Whatever the reason, make sure they have all they need to thrive in their new practice!
Gift guide for Yoga Beginners

Christmas Gifts For Yoga Beginners 2021

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