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Every day is Earth Day at WEDOYOGA.

Our home planet is way too incredible to be celebrated just once a year, and protecting it should be something we do every day. It doesn't have to be a huge change, even educating yourself on how to make better choices is a great start!

One of the best places to start is with how you shop.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world just after the oil industry. Some items take huge quantities of water to produce, which can create a lot of chemical waste. Many large manufacturers will then dump this toxic waste directly into rivers and other watersources, polluting our waters and making it un-inhabitable for the creatures in it.

Globally we produce up to 100 billion pieces of clothing a year, taking a terrible toll on the planet as well as the people who work in the factories or are affected by the pollution. What’s worse is new reports predict the apparel and footwear industry will grow by 81 per cent by 2030, putting even more of a strain on our planet Earth. 

Not only does fast fashion harm the Earth but it also causes serious harm to the people who work in the factories and sweatshops who make the products. Garment workers usually work with no ventilation, breathing in toxic substances, inhaling fiber dust or blasted sand in unsafe buildings. The overwhelming majority of workers are women. These women often barely earn enough to look after themselves and their families. 

It may be tempting to gravitate to a cheaper price tag, but where you save, it's costing elsewhere - be it The Earth, or another living being.

It's perfectly ok to be overwhelmed by this information, but don't panic. There are so many amazing brands doing incredible work with eco-production. The way these brands produce and operate is the way forward, and so by supporting them, we are caring for our planet. It's the only home we've got!

Here are our favourite pieces from brands that don't cost the earth.

Electric and Rose - Chevron Sunset Legging  - Indigo/Cloud

Shop Electric and Rose Sunset Legging Chevron Indigo/Cloud in The UK at WEDOYOGA

Inspired by Californian blue skies and fluffy clouds, these leggings are the best advertisement our Earth could ask for! Not only are they stunning, they're kind too. Electric and Rose leggings are made from natural fibres, and hand-dyed using sustainable dye processes. This is great for the environment, and creates one-of-a-kind dye variations and designs meaning no two pairs will ever be the same!

Being produced in California, they follow strict emission and worker care rules. All Electric & Rose designs are cut to order, meaning there is no risk of surplus goods or waste of material. This also minimises the production process, as they are not manufactured in bulk. 

We wear these garments with pride - planet friendly, available in a huge variety of stunning shades and sure to turn heads, we simply can't find a flaw! 

Shop The Electric and Rose Chevron Sunset Leggings


Wolven - Juniper Criss Cross Four-Way Top 

This top will never not be on our favourites list. Four tops for the price (and storage space) of one! Wear it back to front, inside out, blue or white - the choice is yours, it's truly a magical top. To add to the wonder, it's worth mentioning that this top is made from 84% RPET - in less technical terms, that's roughly 20 recycled plastic bottles. This top is saving ocean life, let that sink in.  

In addition, Wolven have partnered with Climate Neutral. This means Wolven are not only carbon neutral (yay!), they're also carefully measuring their greenhouse gas emissions footprint, and purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint. These credits support projects such as rainforest conservation and landfill methane capture. They are also constantly implementing plans to reduce their emissions in the future.  

This top is definitely a Four-Way win for you, and the environment.

Shop The Wolven Juniper Four-Way Top


 Liquido - 7/8 Leggings - Butterfly Effect

Shop Liquido 7/8 Leggings in the UK at WEDOYOGA

The Butterfly Effect is the idea that small choices or movements can have a big impact elsewhere, e.g a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a typhoon. With Liqudio, their butterfly effect is one of positive impact on the planet, through a range of small, sustainable choices. Everything right down to the packaging is carefully desigend and thought out, to ensure the best end-result for both the customer and the Earth. From creating a biodegradeable fabric, to using soy-based ink in their packaging, Liquido ensure that all their actions have a postive outcome. 

This applies to all Liquido activewear, but we simply had to pick this pair of  leggings, as we belive it's a wonderful paralell to showcase their sustainability. Plus they're super cute! 

Shop The Liquido Butterfly Effect Leggings  


Alo - High-Waist Airbrush Legging - Blue Quartz


alo yoga eco leggings

Alo Yoga is incredibly passionate about ensuring they are 100% sweatshop free and hold a platinum award from WRAP, the largest independent watchdog organization, which verifies that their factories and offices operate in the most ethical and humane ways. So you know when you buy an Alo product, no one else suffers unfair treatment or conditions!

Alo also uses the best low-water dyes and powers their headquarters and L.A. flagship with solar energy to reduce their eco footprint. Their office recycling program also reduces their daily waste to that of a household! 

Obviously this applies to every product Alo makes but we are particuarly in love with these perfect spring-coloured blue leggings!

Shop the High-Waist Airbrush Legging - Blue Quartz


It is so important to us at WEDOYOGA that all the brands we stock are as passionate about caring for the Earth as we are, that is why we only stock products from companies who are doing everything they can to pioneer the way forward in fashion! 

What is your favourite eco-friendly product? Let us know in the comments!

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