Tara Clark


Tara is local to Baldock and teaches yoga, meditation, and craft workshops in town, Letchworth, and with online corporate clients. Among her passions are painting, gardening, and mindfulness which work harmoniously together and feature in some of her classes.


Tara is a research and data analyst who works in the thriving and creative industry of TV & Media production. She has always been an advocate of workplace wellness and has incorporated mindfulness teachings and exercises in all the teams she’s worked with in her career. 

Her path to yoga was an unexpected one for her. She came to yoga after a knee injury while training for a marathon and decided to give it a go at a local studio. She was apprehensive about going for fear that she wouldn’t fit in. After all, most yogis she knew didn’t have the same body type. She walked away from class with crazy Savasana hair and a new love in her life. It soon became a foundational part of her exercise routine as she explored the magnitude of teachings the practice can give us. She believes that to do yoga doesn't mean you have to be able to touch your toes or stand on your head. It is mostly a mental practice about keeping the mind clear and moving the body in ways that will make it more efficient for every day.


Everyone's body is different and her classes celebrate this as she guides students to look for ways to move and breathe freely. She encourages students to balance between being kind to themselves and challenging them to develop further in a playful, safe, and relaxed atmosphere. Tara gives confidence to her class by pursuing freedom from rigid asana and emboldens us to feel the movements and find the best modifications for our bodies. She absolutely loves to put together a bangin’ playlist to get the class warmed up and having a great time - or using music to calm the mind and soften the mood as students relax into deeper postures. 

While physical practice is fun for her, she is drawn to meditation and everyday mindfulness techniques that can offer grounding through stress and trauma as well as in our day-to-day interactions so she will be sharing these throughout her classes. 

She says that creativity is in her blood as women in her family have the need to make and pick up a project weekly, if not daily! She likes to use crafts to aid the mind in relaxation and a sense of achievement and creates workshops that bring together the skills from her passions and daily mindfulness. 

Qualifications:  RYT 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Pre & Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Yoga & Anxiety Training, Mental Health & Wellbeing for Teams 

First Aid - Emergency First Aid from Siren Training, and Mental Health First Aid from MHFA England



  • Tara is an avid creator and spends a lot of her spare time working on craft projects - including but not limited to: watercolour, macrame, embroidery, jewelry making, and papercraft
  • She has two children, a husband, and a cat
  • She was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Alabama and lived in many states along the East Coast - her accent is all over the place.
  • She loves romance novels and will talk your ear off about them - you’ve been warned
  • She’s a keen runner and likes to run in local races and in groups around Baldock and Letchworth
  • She used to work as a sous chef but realised that waking up at 4am to chop carrots wasn’t a career she’d prefer
  • She works as an award winning data analyst and speaks at events for hundreds of people
  • She loves her yoga playlists and tries to mix things up from the norm.

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