Let's Getting Running - The Best Yoga Warm Up Poses

Running in nature

As the weather warms, running events are starting to begin again in the UK, and as you may have noticed, this means runner's hamstrings are getting tighter and tighter as they pick up their training again (provided of course they don't aready have a glorious cool down routine!). 

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is the absolute perfect complement to running, it really is a runners best friend. A simple yoga routine loosens tight spots, strengthens weak areas, and makes you a better, less injury-prone athlete... Aren't you sold yet?

If you're still unsure then look to the psychological and emotional wellbeing side of yoga. Everyone, runners included, need a way to release and wind down. Whether it is the daily stresses of life, or the nerves of an upcoming big race that has got you down, yoga provides a space where you can release the tension you have been walking (or running) around with.  

Not only that, but yoga can provide fantastic mental resilience. When you hold an intense and uncomfortable pose and find peace and stillness within the challenge and discomfort it teaches you to be able to do the same within daily life, and indeed your running. When your body burns and you feel lile you can't continue, the resilience yoga has taught you will allow you to find joy and peace in that state, meaning you can make it to the finish line, even when you want to give up!

What type of yoga should you do?

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