Self Care for Yogi Feet

Self Care - For Your Yogi Feet

As yogis we get our feet out a lot and since the weather has properly warmed up in the Northern Hemisphere it’s time to give our feet a little care and attention.

Try this easy and refreshing foot scrub that not only moisturises but gives your toes an uplifting clean!

In this foot scrub, ground almonds and sea salt polish away dead skin while peppermint oil cools and refreshes. Almond oil ensures that the skin stays moisturized and ready for a pedicure. We’ve also given alternatives for yogis with nut allergies.


50g ground almonds or polenta

2 tbsp of course sea salt

2 tsp of almond oil or grapeseed oil

5 drops of peppermint essential oil


Mix together the ground almonds and sea salt in a small non-metallic bowl and add a few tablespoons of room temperature water to make a paste. Add the remaining ingredients and give everything a good stir and leave to sit for 2-3 minutes.

Give your feet a little clean first to remove any dirt and put your feet in a large bowl or in the bathtub keeping them a little damp. Gently rub the mixture into the whole foot and massage around the heel, ball of the foot, and pads of the toes. Leave to sit for 5 minutes then rinse your feet with warm, soapy water.

Pat dry and follow up with a buff and polish of the toes if you fancy it!

Caution: Do not use on open wounds. Only use certified organic ingredients that are suitable for the skin. If you are unsure about allergies do a skin test and/or consult a general practitioner before using.

Author: Tara Clark
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