Our Autumn Studio Picks

Yes, summer is over, but that doesn't mean Autumn isn't worthy of the same affection.  It's time to add the layers and embrace the warm comforting colours of the new season. From the vibrant golden hues of the changing leaves to the constantly changing weather (sometimes at the same time!)

We have some great picks for this cosy snug season, so why not treat yourself.

Electric Rose Neil Sweatshirt


Made from the coziest vintage fleece, the Neil sweatshirt is the perfect piece to throw on pre/post-workout, walking your dog, or chilling on the couch. A high-low hem creates a flowy shape and their signature tie-dye gives it a one of a kind quality. 

All of their designs are individually hand-made and hand-dyed in Los Angeles. Colour variation, shading, or textural irregularities are intentional to create this perfectly imperfect garment, resulting in a one of a kind piece, individually unique, just like you.

Shop the Electric Rose Neil Sweatshirt 

SoL resuable 8oz Perfect Pink cup

Meet the Perfect Pink reusable cup - perfect for those warming takeaway hot chocs and pumpkin spice lattes. These beautiful 8oz SoL Cups are 100% hand blown glass and plastic free. The  silicon sleeve and lids are food grade and chemical free. All components are dishwasher and microwave safe. Check out the amazing SoL Pouches for the perfect cup companion to keep your bag spill free.

Each beautiful SoL Cup comes with its own SoL gift box. Designed to be used and re-used. Perfect as a plant box, stationary holder, makeup box or toy box for the kids. 

Shop the SoL resuable 8oz Perfect Pink cup

Chakra Incense Sticks 


For those nights that are quickly drawing in, create a calming ambience with these soothing incense sticks. Elegantly packaged, each set of thirty incense sticks comes with its own wooden carved holder, each representing one of the seven Chakras. Each one of the Chakras has its own fruity fragrance; strawberry for root, orange for sacral, lemon for solar plexus, mint for heart, lavender for throat, blueberry for third eye, and blackberry for crown. Chances are if you've ever taken a reiki session, meditated, or had a yoga class, you've heard about your Chakras, and the importance of unblocking them. The teachings of Chakras started in India between 1500 and 500BC in ancient Hindu scripture, and basically teach that each Chakra corresponds to a specific organ in the body, as well as representing physical, emotional, psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being.

Use these beautifully fragranced josticks to help set the ambience when meditating, practising yoga, or just chilling at home, keep your energy flowing!

Shop the Chakra Incense Sticks 

Pointe Studio Socks

POINTE STUDIO was founded by a group of fitness instructors who realised the importance of foundation pieces for an effective workout. These socks don’t slide and are a great asset to a sweaty or movement filled practice like barre, pilates, vinyasa flow, or hot yoga. Many of our yogis who’ve tried them rave about how great they are for getting more use out of their mat without tearing it apart with hard trainers. Great for keeping your tootsies warm during your practice on these chilly mornings!

Shop the Pointe Studio Socks

Lorna Jane - Midnight Ditsy Full Length Leggings 


Say hello to whimsical florals with these Midnight Ditsy Full Length Leggings. Made using Lorna Jane’s signature Nothing 2 See Here™ fabric, these high waisted leggings will take you from exploring this sunny then bracing weather outside to wandering the city streets in style. Lorna Jane is on a mission to empower and educate women to live a life they love through movement and self-confidence and we are totally here for that! From the woman who invented the term ‘Activewear’ 30 years ago, comes products that make you feel great and give you hugs and flexibility in all the right places.

Shop the Midnight Ditsy Full Length Leggings 

So that's it for our Autumn Studio Picks, which one has you feeling excited for the new season?

By: Kathleen Thomas

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