Online Guest Teacher Series This May At WEDOYOGA

Meet Britta Alpen!

Yoga Guest Teacher Class At WEDOYOGA

Britta started her yoga journey after undergoing knee surgery in 2011. After a ton of research on how to recover from surgery and return to collegiate soccer, she found a couple fantastic Bikram Yoga Studios in the Kansas City area. After her first class, she was addicted and she was determined to reap the benefits of it for her balance, strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity.

After graduating and moving to Chicago, Britta found that she was desperate for that physical release again because work and life were just too stressful.

After finding the studio that truly felt like home, she turned into the yogi who attended two to three classes a day and every workshop she could get her hands on and discovered the Iyengar-based philosophy. At this point in her journey, she began to realise how vital the mental aspect of vinyasa flow became in her life.

Following some encouragement from the studio manager, Britta dove into her 200 hour vinyasa training in 2015, expanded into Yoga Sculpt, and then the Extensions Program offered by CorePower Yoga in 2016.

In 2017, she added BarreAmped’s Level One Barre. Then, in 2018, she added BarreAmped’s Level Two Barre, Advanced, Fire, and Bootcamp. To round out 2018, she added an Aerial Yoga Certification through WildRoots Yoga.

In 2019, she added Barre Amped’s Band Sculpt 1 and a certification in Yoga for Back Health to my specialties. As 2020 has a lot of question marks, she plans on gaining some more knowledge along the way!

Britta's classes include an upbeat and challenging flow that will be sure to get you sweating. Join her Sunday 10th May 2020 from 7-8pm for a Live Online Yoga Fusion Class! Head over to MINDBODY or Book Here!

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