Kirsti Pateman

Practice with Kirsti Pateman at WEDOYOGA Studio In LetchworthMEET KIRSTI PATEMAN

Locally based, Kirsti is a yoga and barre teacher who enjoys syncing movement to breath to find intuitive, rhythmic movement.


Kirsti was dragged to a yoga class by a friend in 2005 and was surprised to find - after 5 years of loathing PE at school - that she really quite enjoyed movement.
A lifelong student, Kirsti qualified as secondary school English teacher in 2010. She went on to train as a teen yoga teacher in 2015 as a means of helping students to find the same peace and stillness she had come to cherish in her personal practice. Kirsti truly believes that yoga is for everybody and every body.


A literature teacher and a writer, Kirsti’s yoga classes are often inspired by something beautiful she found in a book. You’ll often find poems, aphorisms and readings scattered through her gentle, mindful style. She is a firm believer in a long savasana and will always close off her classes with some stillness and breath observation.
Her barre classes bring that same breath awareness along with a burn that’ll wake up muscles you forgot you had! She’ll encourage you to safely explore your own range of movement and listen to your body whilst reminding you that you can do anything for ten seconds!
Qualifications: 500hr Certified Yoga Teacher training, Teen Yoga training, pre and post-natal yoga training and barre.


  • She reads impossibly fast. It’s a fairly useless talent. Unless you’re an English teacher
  • She is a qualified PADI open water diver and and has swum with sharks, dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks
  • She feels like she’s arrived home whenever she gets off a plane in SE Asia
  • She’s writing a book. She’ll only release it under a pseudonym (if ever)

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