Meet Houston We Have Plank Juice

Meet Our Cold Press juice - Houston, We Have A Plank

If you've ever been into our shop you might have noticed we offer a range of super tasty juices and smoothies! Hey, we might be biased, but we have it on good authority that they are delicious! We wanted to share just how wonderful, natural and nutritious they are, how we make them and why they're so good for you, body and soul!

Houston We Have Plank

See what we did there! One of our most popular juices and for good reason. This juice ticks all the boxes, it's refreshing, super healthy with a bit of a fiery kick! Packed full of vitamin c and & ginger warming anti-inflammatory goodness, it is a perfect cold/flu buster for this autumn and winter season. 


  • Carrot
  • Orange
  • Ginger
  • Lime
  • Jalapeno

Calories: 145


Carrot: The fiber in carrots can help keep blood sugar levels under control. They’re loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene, which there's evidence to suggest can lower your diabetes risk. They can strengthen your bones, for they have calcium and vitamin K, both of which are important for bone health.

Orange: The vitamin C in oranges helps your body in lots of ways. It protects your cells from damage as well as helping your body to make collagen, a protein that heals wounds and gives you smoother skin.They make it easier to absorb iron to fight anemia and helps to boost your immune system, your body's defense against germs.

Ginger: Ginger is proven to treat many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness, and is even used as a natural remedy to treat migraines. It is loaded with antioxidants and helps your body fight off colds, as well as diseases like high blood pressure, heart and lung disease. Ginger can help with weight loss and blood insulin levels, and can also relieve joint pain and other symptoms of osteoarthritis.  

Lime: Limes are an excellent source of Vitamin C and Flavonoids (antioxidants) this means they assist in protecting your body from cancer. Lime also lowers the risk of a stroke and can control blood pressure. Lime promotes a healthy complexion, supports weight loss and boosts your immune system. Lime also increases your iron absorption which helps with anemia. 

Jalapeno: Boasting high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants, jalapenos have been found to help prevent lifestyle diseases including some cancers and stomach ulcers. Meanwhile, their ability to create heat within the body has also linked the peppers to weight loss as well as lowering the risk of type II diabetes.

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