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Flow into your week with a bit of a kick! This delicious number helps your body to recover and boost immunity, how? We thought you’d never ask!

If you've ever been into our shop you might have noticed we offer a range of super tasty juices and smoothies!  We wanted to share just how wonderful, natural and nutritious they are, how we make them and why they're so good for you, body and soul!

Free & Flowing In Las Vegas

This vitamin C packed immune boosting juice is perfect for these cold winter months. Full of warming, earthy flavours this juice has a health busting kick to get you through the cold/flu season.


  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Apple
  • Celery
  • Lemon
  • Jalapeno

Calories: 140


Meet Free Flowing In Las VegasApple: 
The recipe wouldn’t be complete without a little sweetness, apples are incredibly nutritious and have many health benefits. They are rich in fibre (aids digestion!) and antioxidants. Eating them has been linked to a lower risk of many chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Studies have linked apple consumption with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, which may be related to the cholesterol-lowering effect eating apples can have. Apples boost your immune system as they contain Vitamin C. Apples have even been found to help prevent Alzheimers disease. 

Here comes the zesty part… Lemon is not only refreshing and delicious in juices, it is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Flavonoids (antioxidants) this means they assist in protecting your body from cancer. Lemon also lowers the risk of a stroke and can control blood pressure. Lemon promotes a healthy complexion, supports weight loss and boosts your immune system. Lemon also increases your iron absorption which helps with anaemia. 

Meet Free Flowing In Las VegasSpinach: 
Our next contender is spinach is a green superstar! Low in calories and full of nutrients, Spinach is incredibly hydrating as it is nearly all water. It boosts the immune system as it's packed with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E and magnesium, and can help curb cravings. Spinach is high in calcium, manganese and vitamin K which are vital for healthy bones. It is also a great source of iron which helps reduce the risk of Anemia. Spinach is also full of antioxidants which protect the cells from oxidative stress, and other factors that may damage them.

Meet Free Flowing In Las VegasKale: 
The king of greens! Kale is one of the healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods in existence. Packed full of vitamin goodies including Vitamin A, K, C, B6, Manganese, Calcium and Potassium. Kale is very low in fat but the fat is does contain is an omega-3 fatty acid (essential nutrients that are important in preventing and managing heart disease). Kale is loaded with powerful antioxidants and compounds that are believed to have protective effects against cancer and can lower cholesterol. 

Meet Free Flowing In Las VegasCelery: 
At just 10 calories a stalk, celery has been considered a health and diet food for a long time. It is rich in antioxidants, and protects from oxidative damage. Celery reduces inflammation which can help with conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. It supports digestion both through it's hydrating properties (it is almost 95% water) and the nutrients in celery offer protection to the entire digestive tract.

Finally we add a little bit of spice! Boasting high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants, jalapenos have been found to help prevent lifestyle diseases including some cancers and stomach ulcers. Meanwhile, their ability to create heat within the body has also linked the peppers to weight loss as well as lowering the risk of type II diabetes.

Need any more convincing? Did we mention it also tastes great too!

Written by: Brioney Russ

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