How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Keeping your yoga mat clean is vital for a healthy, uplifting practice. Your mat will encounter dirt, natural oils and sweat. A dirty mat can bring you down, and let's not forget it can harbour all sorts of bacteria! 

Every mat is unique and composes of different materials, so the way in which you clean it varies from brand to brand. It is essential you check what your mat is made from and it's pre-given care instructions before you start cleaning it. The wrong product may do more harm than good!

At WEDOYOGA, we have our personal favourites when it comes to yoga mats. We stock only the highest quality, eco friendly mats from some of the greatest brands. We wanted to share with you how we clean our mats, as recommended by their manufactures, and where you can find these amazing mats!


YogaMatters Sticky Mat & Eco Rise Mat

Yoga Matters Mat

A firm favourite in our studio, and the most regularly recommended yoga mats for beginner yogi's and beyond.

Recommendation: Wiping down your mat with a damp cloth dipped in warm water, and a natural, organic detergent or soap after every use, will do the trick.

Yogi Bare Paws Mat

Clean Your Yogibare Mat

This mat is a firm favourite of our teachers and students alike! Made from eco-friendly natural rubber, the Paws Mat has one of the best grips on the market!

Recommendation: Wipe down with warm water diluted with fresh lemon juice to clean away built up oils. 

Liforme Yoga Mat

Liform Yoga Mat

The ultimate mat! Not only do they provide incredible grip for your practice, these mats are planet-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, and PVC-free. We have teachers and students who swear by these mats!

Recommendation: Use a tiny drop of dish soap diluted with plenty of water. Wipe your mat gently with a damp, non-abrasive sponge. Only clean every 5-10 practices (unless it gets super sweaty) as over-cleaning will wear out the materials faster. Avoid chemical mat cleaner sprays or essential oil sprays, as these can potentially damage your mat.


A clean mat and a clean mind go hand in hand. Yoga is a self-care practice, and your mat needs a little care too. Remember: it looks after you in your practice, so the better care we take of it, the longer it can keep supporting us. 

For more ideas on how to care for your mat check out our blog on How To Care For Your Yoga Mat! 


By: Katrina Scales

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