Hayley Doody


Hayley is a locally based yoga, pilates and barre teacher, she likes to teach fun and mindful classes with a focus on finding your own alignment, moving within the pose, and challenging the ego. Her barre classes are more balletic and based on traditional ballet movements with some heat building additions!

Hayley Dooley - Yoga, Pilates & Barre Teacher At WEDOYOGA


Hayley was born in Cambridge and lived and studied there until she finished her degree and moved to London, working in corporate Human Resources. After having her first child, her and her family moved to Shefford and have lived there for 11 years.  

Hayley began taking yoga classes whilst living in London at a local gym. She fell in love with the practice and continued with it when she moved to Bedfordshire. It was at this time that she also gained an injury running and found Pilates to aid her rehab. Both yoga and pilates became staple parts of her activity and really reaped the benefits of these incredible practices. 

Hayley loves movement and has always been super active. She firmly believes that everyone can learn more about their bodies and connect on a much deeper level through moving and really focusing on breath


Hayley loves to teach a playful class and will often bring her crystals and oracle cards for yoga. She loves to use new research in her classes, using nerve flossing and functional movement to give variation and new sensations into her practices. Cueing the deeper consciousness is important to Hayley, and really applying thought to what part of the body is recruiting and what we can soften can change a whole practice, whether Yoga, Barre or Pilates! Exploring space in the body, having fun with postures and enjoying a giggle is what she loves best!

Hayley’s aim is for students to be able to really feel their bodies and understand how they are working, moving mindfully through movements, or feeling the burn! It doesn’t matter where you are with your mobility, Hayley will help you on your journey to achieving better movement that aids you in your daily life. 

First training in Pilates with Body Control in 2015, she then completed her 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training in 2019 with CamYoga, and she’s also achieved further training in Restorative and Yin Yoga with Ard Nahoo.   Her barre training was finished in 2020 with BarreConcept.

Qualifications: Yoga 200hr TT, Barre, Yin, Restorative.


  • Hayley is a qualified Reiki Practitioner and provides treatment and her home therapy room in Shefford.
  • She is obsessed with green tea and drinks it by the gallon.
  • She wears super bright clothes to teach in and then lives in black and grey colours in the civilian world.
  • She is a level 3 qualified Sports Massage Therapist.
  • She was kissed by David Bowie on the cheek at Phoenix Festival and has never washed her cheek since. 

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