Harriette is on a mission to bring the power of breathing to the world. Teaching breathwork practices to support peoples emotional and physical well-being.

Practice Breathe Work with Harriette Wight at WEDOYOGA Studio


Harriette grew up in Stevenage and after a short stint in London has now settled in Hitchin. Harriette came to Yoga through her degree in performing arts, where one of her modules was Yoga for Dancers. Since then Yoga has been a part of her life. In the past 6 years Pranayama has become one of Harriette’s favourite limbs of Yoga.

Harriette’s varied career has seen her as a stage manager, movement director, drama teacher, charity administrator and even a temporary assistant buyer at Hotel Chocolat. Most recently working as a Corporate Event Manager Harriette used breathing techniques to regulate her emotions and improve her performance.


Harriette is a strong believer in the power of breathing practices and how they can be integrated into you daily life to support with emotional and physical well-being. Harriette loves to use movement and music in her sessions and believes this allows students to have a deeper connection to the breath, the body and the mind.


Qualifications: BWY Yoga Foundation, Pranayama and Mantra Teaching Certificate, Butekyo Breathwork Qualified  


  • Harriette loves being upside down whether it’s aerial yoga or pole fitness, but she is can’t do a handstand (Yet) 
  • Harriette got to meet All Saints when she worked as an Event Manager 
  • Harriette’s new favourite hobby is paddle-boarding 
  • Harriette is normally pretty good the music round of a quiz 


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