Freddie Jenkins


Based locally in Letchworth, Freddie looks to enthuse her students with awareness of  the mind, body and soul. Each class is themed to create an uplifting experience for the individual student with time taken to focus on alignment and mobility of the joints. As an ex dancer Freddie has encountered various injuries in the past, so has a keen eye for “hugging” the joints and sending attention to those parts of our bodies that may be forgotten about within the pace of everyday life! Freddie invites you to reconnect to your most authentic self.

Freddie Jenkins Yoga Teacher At WEDOYOGA Studio


Freddie has a real interest in fitness, connection with nature and choosing a more conscious way of life. She believes the physical practice of yoga allows the teachings to ripple through her life and choices - this being something that is available to everyone making it such a powerful gift! Her practice, she reflects, has completely transformed her way of life, way of thinking (the little moments in between the big moments). For her it’s this humbling process that keeps her returning back to the mat, pushes her creativity, and allows the walls of self-judgement to be softened. Freddie loves to encourage all bodies onto the mat - starting herself 10 years ago as a way of recovery, not realising the more subtle benefits from the energetic body until a consistent practice came to her a few years later. Yoga is super for building your strength and flexibility in the body (and mind!) so starting with this intention is great!


Freddie is 350h RYS trained. Starting her 200h journey predominantly in vinyasa with yogahaven. She has since trained under Katy Appleton in pre and post natal yoga (with baby yoga and baby massage to complement). Yin yoga has been a learning curve for Freddie - who’s first love was a fiery vinyasa- but since undergoing Norman Blair’s training, sings it benefits and wouldn’t be without it these days! Describing her teaching style as: fluid, playful and always evolving!
“What a total joy to get to share the magic of yoga - to step back and focus on how grateful I am to get to do this - learning from other teachers, and my students! For me this journey is never complete, there’s always more the heart strives for, more for the mind to feed on!”

She wishes to encourage within her classes using the breath along with movement, cultivating a greater awareness and intimacy with yourself. “This is an intuitive place we can all access – it’s within our bodies and it teaches us in these moments to trust. This can feel vulnerable and unknown, practise makes this a safe space.”

RYS 200h certified yoga instructor (yogahaven)
RYS 96h pre/postnatal yoga (baby yoga and baby massage) appleyoga
Yin yoga 30h with Norman Blair
Sound healing qualified practitioner - Alchemy Crystal Bowls - with Selda  Soul Space


  • Her full name is Frederique (it’s French)
  • Her happy place is walking bare foot in nature
  • She grew up in Devon
  • House plant maniac!
  • She is obsessed with chihuahuas
  • She is vegan
  • Her and her sister wanted to be Mary-Kate and Ashley desperately at age 9!
  • Her front tooth gap is said to mean she’ll come into money… it’s yet to happen! (Haha) 

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