Feel Empowered with Onzie

Shop Onzie Collection at WEDOYOGAOnzie is one yogi’s answer to activewear apparel that does what it’s supposed to: support an active lifestyle and look amazing along the way. The brand was born in Venice Beach, California, and the clothing and fabrics they use have all been tested and developed inside the office and studio, in the ocean and on the street. All Onzie wear is made in L.A. and the creation of each piece, from the fabric design, stitching and cutting all the way to the marketing and photography, happens in Southern California. The brand is also female-owned, operated and embodied, and you can really see the passion and the love that goes into each and every item.  

Onzie has really got the balance right between incredible innovation and a splash of whimsy with what yogis traditionally look for in yoga apparel. Made for women, men and mini yogis, Onzie utilises fabric that really breathes, dries quickly and stays put. And it’s not just for yoga! Consider Onzie clothing your new go-to for all workouts and physical activities including running, surfing, swimming or even just meeting your bestie for lunch. Whether sweat, saltwater, or chlorine, Onzie really ticks the boxes of activewear that works as hard as you do.

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