Emily is a local yoga teacher who enjoys teaching classes with a strong focus on alignment and connecting breath to movement. She also believes in making classes accessible and personal to every student that attends.

Emily Woodhouse Yoga Teacher At WEDOYOGA in Letchworth


Emily first started practising yoga many years ago. She loved being surrounded by like-minded yogis, and the community feeling established through a mutual love of yoga. From this, Emily began to understand the physical and mental benefits that yoga can have on an individual.  

When not practising and teaching yoga, Emily is a qualified Solicitor.  Emily recognises that life can sometimes present obstacles, and hopes that her yoga classes are a way for her students to tune in with themselves and to listen to their bodies' needs. She wants to bring a sense of calm into their lives, both on and off the mat.


Emily appreciates that yoga is not about being able to do the perfect headstand.   Therefore, Emily’s focus during her classes is for her students to feel comfortable and to have fun. No pressure here! 

Emily recognises that her students may have different purposes for attending her classes and may be seeking to achieve different things.  Therefore, throughout Emily’s teaching, Emily emphasises the importance of finding poses that resonate with her students on that specific day, at that specific time. 

Qualifications:  RYT 200 hr certified yoga instructor / Accessible chair yoga fundamentals



  • Emily loves going to the theatre and has achieved Grade 8 singing. 
  • Emily’s favourite yoga pose is Dancer’s Pose.
  • Emily is a big lover of sweet food and eats far too much chocolate.
  • Emily has a huge shoe collection.
  • Emily enjoys surfing although her love of balance poses in yoga does not seem to help her balance on a surfboard! 


Saturday: Flow and Restore 09:30-10:30

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