Behind The Scenes With Liv Haskey

I’m Liv, I’m 33 and live just outside Letchworth Garden City and I am a full time yoga teacher. I decided to leave the world of fashion having been a print designer for 10 years. It’s a pretty stressful industry to be in! After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2016 I wanted to change my lifestyle to help manage my condition and have naturally moved towards a much slower paced and more stress-free lifestyle which I love and wish I had done years ago.

After yoga, animals are pretty high up on my list of loves. In fact, I like animals more than most people. We’ve got 2 cats which we rescued in their older years of life. We would love more animals but one of the cats is super grumpy and hates others stealing his limelight!

I grew up in the Peak District so have always loved being surrounded by nature. When I’m not teaching yoga I love to get out in the countryside - walking, cycling, swimming when I’m near the sea and gardening, (growing fruit and veg is a new obsession!!) This year we are restoring an old VW van to take around our glorious countryside on some adventures!! Last year I missed being able to get in the sea so anywhere on the coast is a preferred destination.

Liv's Yoga Journey
I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and it has always helped me to find some time for myself, to relax, connect back to myself and also challenge my body and mind. Practicing new postures and sequences challenges my strength and patience. I love the journey involved in yoga. No day is the same in my practice or in my body and mind which I love. 

Whether I’m teaching or not, I take the time for meditation, movement and pranayama every day so that I can stay connected and feel inspired by the practice. The most challenging part of the practice for me is not the fancy poses, it's meditation, which I am now trying to make a priority over my own daily asana practice.

Liv's Teaching Style
I teach mostly energising, strong and playful classes at WEDOYOGA but I also love teaching gentle flows, allowing students to be able to feel relaxed and safe. I love to bring in philosophical themes as well as physical themes, sharing some of yoga's roots with mantras, mudras, short readings and breathwork exercises to offer more than just a physical practice. I have just finished my Yin yoga teacher training and I am really looking forward to teaching more Yin classes in the future. I also have training in Yoga Nidra which I personally love to practice to delve into the deeper layers of consciousness within my mind and body. 

My favourite type of practice is anything that allows me to connect to myself through breath-work and movement. Mindful, intuitive movement and moving in a meditative way is my preferred way to practice when I am on my own and I always try to bring this style into my own classes, allowing students to choose an option that suits them best on that day in that practice, in their bodies.

My tip for you if you are trying new classes out, is that you may not like the way all teachers teach so go to many different classes and see what works for you. Try a few different types of yoga as well, and be open to the journey. Be kind and patient with yourself. There will be things you find challenging both physically and mentally but yoga is a practice. It is different every day, you are different everyday. Yoga is more about learning about yourself than it is learning about the postures and correct alignment. Be open to learn when you step on your mat!

Practice With Liv - Online
I teach 9:30am Flow + Restore on Monday mornings which I love as we always work with a theme to set us up in a positive way at the start of the week. We work with connecting our breath to the movement of our bodies, exploring different poses, always working towards a peak pose. 

I also teach every other week #TBT WEDOYOGA flow 20:00pm Thursday evenings which is always a fun and challenging flow practice to a throwback playlist.

Saturday Mornings at 8:00am I teach Slow Burn + Flow which is always a great way to start the weekend! We work with stronger postures and transitions, holding the poses a little longer to really feel into the body and use the power of the breath. I personally always feel super energised after this class and ready to take on the weekend!

Every other week I teach Hip Hop WEDOYOGA Flow on Sunday evenings at 17:30pm. This is always a feel good flow which we practice alongside fun old school hip hop beats. A lively and energetic class to let off some steam and close down the weekend with some fun.

I absolutely love being able to teach for WEDOYOGA and have really enjoyed connecting and practicing with all of the students who come to my classes. Even though we can’t be together in the studio it’s still so lovely to be a part of this community with you all!

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