Behind The Scenes With Carly Willers

Carly Willers - yoga teacher at WEDOYOGA

Hello lovely people, Carly here! I thought I’d share a little about me, so you can all get to know me a bit better. I’m 24 years old, originally from Lincolnshire but moved down here when I started my career as an engineer. I teach alongside working, which can get a little hectic, but I absolutely love it. In addition to my passion for teaching yoga I’m a huge animal lover! I also love LOVE travelling. I’ve been to both hot and cold places (couldn't pick between the beach and the mountains, I love it all!) and hope to see so much more of the this wonderful world when we’re all finally free again! Bali and the Gili Islands are top of the list. Lastly let’s not forget my love of pole fitness - fun fact I’ve even competed in a couple of competitions when I was at University!


Carly Willers Yoga teacher at WEDOYOGA Studio
Carly Willers Yoga teacher at WEDOYOGA Studio
Carly Willers Yoga teacher at WEDOYOGA Studio

Carly's Yoga Journey

My yoga journey began quite young, around 13 years old. I joined my mum at a Hatha yoga class and fell in love with the combination of physical movement, breath, focus on emotional wellbeing and relaxation. During the first COVID lockdown I turned to yoga more than I ever had before, and this led me to study for my 200 hour yoga teacher training. I completed my course with a school called YogaRenew and couldn’t recommend it more! It was so eye opening and exciting for me to dive deeper into yoga, it’s history and most importantly how to teach and share this with other people.

Carly's Teaching Style

My teaching style is fairly relaxed and I like to incorporate more of yoga than just the physical, such as meditation, internal awareness and focus on the power of the breath. However, you are still likely to break a sweat after holding your high lunge for 6 breaths and it’s probably a good job you’re all muted on zoom so I can’t hear you cursing me when I say ‘just one more breath’ in our chair pose!

I’ve got a few simple rules for my classes:

  • All are welcome.
  • Take a child’s pose whenever you need.
  • Close your eyes whenever you want.
  • Do what you can to enjoy every moment, because you are here for you, not for me.

As long as you leave your mat feeling refreshed and relaxed, I’m happy!

Practice With Carly - Online

At the moment I’m teaching Online #TBT WEDOYOGA Flow class every other Thursday 8 - 9pm. It’s a super fun way to build a strong practice, linking your movement and breath to the music. The playlist will have a new theme each week, think along the lines of 00’s bangers, disco fever and 60s Motown! I’m also popping up here and there on the timetable with one-off classes and special workshops. I'm so grateful to the WEDOYOGA family for welcoming me into your community and flowing along with me. I really hope to see your face beaming back at me over zoom some time soon!

Learn more about Carly
Instagram: @yoga.carly

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