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Yoga with Aminta Gagnon

I moved to the UK over 11 years ago from the USA to study Graphic Design at London College of Communications. I have always had a passion for art and graphic design, I still shares this strong passion for design and creative work in my digital marketing career and at WEDOYOGA.

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 7 years. I came to the mat, like a lot of people, because of an injury. Prior to beginning yoga, a passion of mine was and still is running. I have loved running since my early teenage years and have competed in various races such as: 10ks, tough mudder,half marathons, marathons, 3 peak challenge in Yorkshire and half marathon up Snowdon. A few years ago, I injured my knee during a race and was advised to start yoga for flexibility and strength improvement. My yoga practice has not only helped me continue my  passion for running injury free, it has also helped me grow more flexible, stronger and fearless, both on and off the mat. 

Aminta's Yoga Journey

Yoga has been part of my life for a little while now. I went to my first class at a YMCA gym when I was 16 and thought it was so boring and meant for older women! Then when I moved to London when I was 20 I tried again and all I can remember was omg my legs killed from that class! My best friend Tandi became a yoga teacher and when we visited Copenhagen (when I was about 22) she made us go to classes every day on our trip and I slowly started to like them. BUT it wasn’t until I was training for my first marathon and I injured knee that I really started to practice yoga. I joined a studio in London Bridge and practice Bikram every work day for almost a year and I was obsessed! It helped me shave 20 mins off my marathon time! I started my yoga teacher training when I was 25 and have been teaching ever since! Ps I’m almost 30! 

Yoga with Aminta GagnonYoga with Aminta GagnonYoga with Aminta Gagnon

Aminta's Teaching Style

I like to bring a  fun, playful spirit to my classes, so get ready to move the body and have a few giggles along the way! 

I completed my RYT 350hr Yoga teacher training at Yoga London in 2016 and I am honoured to be able to teach my students how to find peace within themselves and muscles where they didn’t know they had them! What I enjoy the most about yoga is that there is no “end” or perfect pose. The students who can do a headstand has just as much to learn as the student who can’t touch their toes, which is why I try to bring an attitude of self-discovery, challenge, fun and consciousness to every class. 

My classes provide more significance to mobility in the body rather than flexibility. Each week I will create a new sequence with a particular theme in the body to work in an area of the body, emotional experience, and work through muscles or even to help inspire, so come prepare to be kept on your toes as you explore mobility, strength and flexibility. I will alway offer  variations to each asana (pose) in every sequence, if you are ever uncertain feel free to ask me any questions you feel during your practice! I like to remind every student that no one is on the same path or has the same body so explore how a pose makes you feel and choose the options that is best for you but don’t worry there will be plenty of options to challenge everyone! 

Qualifications:  RYT 200hr Certified Yoga instructor, 50hr Forrest Training, 50hr Yin Teacher Training + 50hr Aerial Yoga Teaching Training
First Aid - St. John's Ambulance

Practice With Aminta - Online

You can find me teaching most days for WEDOYOGA! I guess that's the perks of being the owner. Hehe I love teaching Slow Burn Flow on Mondays 7-8pm, Yin every Wednesday 7:30 - 8:30pm + Sunday 7-8pm and so many more classes! Hope you can join me online for now and IRL very soon!

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