Beginner Friendly Yoga Classes At WEDOYOGA

When starting a new yoga practice, it can be tough to figure out which classes will work with your body/needs. Fancy terminology and fear of the unknown can put many off us even researching, let alone attending classes.

Of course, this mental fear block is totally unfounded (you will be FINE!) but it's still so easy to fall in to. So to combat this, we've created a super simple breakdown blog of all our beginner freindly classes, and even provided some insight into what they're all about! Thank us later...

See you on the mat! 

Beginner Friendly Yoga Classes In Letchworth, Hitchin & Baldock

Yoga for Beginners:

Ideal for new yogis, or those wanting a slower paced class, this class all about making friends with your body. Although it may be challenging at times, it will lay the foundations for your yoga practice. This class is designed to teach you the principles of yoga, focusing on the correct technique for each posture along with their benefits. You will learn to connect movement with the breath, develop physical awareness and build strength. Adjustments and modifications are offered, this class will help you build confidence and awareness of the body. You will leave each class feeling refreshed and accomplished.

Gentle Flow:

As suggested by the name, this is a slower-paced class, designed to calm the mind and body. Slow and gentle movement makes this class perfect for getting back in touch with yourself, mentally and physically, and is accessible to all skill levels. This mid-week flow is ideal for fighting the workweek slump, and can also serve as a wonderful respite period in a tough workout regime.

Flow + Restore:

Open to all, this class is a toned-down approach to the dynamic Vinyasa Flow style. The class still consists of Vinyasa elements: fluid movements between postures linked to the breath, but will have more time spent restoring the mind/body with calming balance and flexibility asanas. Think of this class like a moving meditation, helping you relieve stress, and encouraging relaxation.

Beginner Friendly Yoga Classes In Letchworth, Hitchin & Baldock


Yin focuses on deeply stretching the body’s connective tissues/joints. It is a slow-paced meditative practice, focusing on energy channels within the body. Prioritising flexibility over strength, most postures are seated and can feel quite challenging at times. You will hold postures for 5-7 minutes, discovering how your body is storing tension. Modifications/ adjustments to suit your needs are offered. This is a great complimentary class for those hooked on our signature WEDOYOGA classes and is perfect for bringing stillness and peace to counter faster moving flows. 


This class aims to renew a tired body and mind. You will explore movement and flow-based poses which will release any tensions built up in the body during the day and bring awareness to how you’re feeling in yourself, mentally and physically. The class will transition into a series of restorative poses throughout. It is the ultimate class for slowing down and treating yourself in a calming and relaxing environment. For added comfort/support, feel free to use any props e.g. block, bolsters, blankets.

Beginner Friendly Yoga Classes In Letchworth, Hitchin & Baldock

Flow + Meditate: 

Flow + Meditate is open to all skill levels and offers a super connecting posture and breath, but will offer more time spent relaxing and calming the mind and body. Think of this class as a 30 minute moving meditative practice followed by 30 minute meditation to help you relieve stress and anxiety, and set you up for rest and relaxation.

We hope you found this helpful, and will overcome the hurdle of attending your first class. Just know that once you take that first step, the rest will follow. Prepare to feel amazing! 

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