April Yoga Playlist

As Spring is starting to take affect on our bodies and minds, it's a good idea to mindfully move our bodies in gentle ways that feel good and allow us to blossom into our highest self. As with all great practices, an uplifting playlist is required! From Warrior III to Savasana, this relaxing and motivating playlist will help you stay mindful and badass as you bloom. 

Behind the Light - Joshua Hyslop

Attente - Beauvois

Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard

Oh My God - Adele

the old story - Trevor Hall

Only Love - Ben Howard

I Won't - Richard Walters

ily (i love you baby) - Surf Mesa, Emilee

Time After Time - Paratone

Screams and Dreams - Faye, Sofflee

Don't Leave - Throttle Remix

Midnight Secrets - Braaten, Tom Bailey

Have you ever been in love? - Addict., Rewind

Easy On Me - Adele

Flying - Garth Stevenson


You can find the full playlist here on our Spotify account! Make sure to follow us for all our playlists!

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