5 Reasons To Try A Barre Class

What Is Barre?

It's always a good idea to mix up workout styles to keep you body guessing and make sure you are challenging your body in every possible way. if you are thinking of adding a new practice why not try a Barre Class?

Barre classes are a fitness class that draws on techniques from Ballet Barre, Dance, Yoga and Pilates. The class can be a full body workout primarily focusing on the legs, glutes and core. No previous dance experience is necessary to try a Barre class. Your Barre instructor will take you through each exercise one at a time, going through the correct technique, explaining the muscles you will be working on. A Barre class is not just for people who have danced before. It's for everyone who is looking for a low impact class that tones, builds strength and improves posture. It's the perfect all-rounder.

The Benefits Of Barre Classes

1. Improves Posture

Barre is great for  strengthening the muscles through the chest and shoulders, which in turn prevents us from slouching. Good posture keeps you safe from injuries, and ensures your bones are properly aligned. After just a few sessions, you may feel yourself standing taller with a sense of elongation throughout your body.

2. Strengthens Glutes

It is perfect for toning the butt, and working on your glutes helps to strengthen all the muscles that stabilize the pelvis. This helps to alleviate pressure on the back, hips, and knees.

3. Tones Stomach Muscles

    Because barre focuses heavily on balance and strength, your core is an integral part of the training. As you use the abdominals to hold the body in a correct alignment, barre classes will give you a heavy core workout—perfect for keeping toned tummies in check. This might be especially helpful for postpartum mothers looking to bounce back.

    4. Increases Flexibility

    The combination of stretching and the focus on posture will improve your flexibility and help you grow more and more flexible as the weeks go on. You are not expected to be a swan-like ballerina at the barre (the movements are easy to adapt for all levels). Give yourself a few weeks and you'll  be surprised at how flexible you get after just a few sessions.

    5. Increases Overall Strength

      Not feeling like lifting heavy weights, but want to improve your strength? No problem. With barre, you're often only just using resistance bands or none at all. You also don't have to worry about what muscle part day it is. Barre exercises are are full-body workouts, strengthening your arms, legs, and core all in one session.

      We have Barre Classes currently running in our Studio: 

      *Barre Fusion - Tuesdays at 17:45 - 18:30pm with Lydia
      *Ballet Fusion - Thursdays 19:00 - 19:45pm with Lydia
      *Yoga + Barre - Fridays 9:30 -10:30am with Kirsti

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