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dharma bums yoga clothing

Dharma Bums are definitely one of our favourite yoga brands here at WEDOYOGA. Not only do they provide some of the best fabric designs we’ve seen, as well as some seriously flattering cuts and fits, we can wear them with a conscience. When we buy and wear Dharma Bums, we’re casting a vote for proper wages, employee wellbeing and safety, and a standard of living that inspires joy and peace. And this goes all the way to the bottom of the chain with Dharma Bums, ensuring that everyone within the production of their garments is treated fairly and kindly.

Alongside their community focus, Dharma Bums also consider the environment with each step. All stationary and packaging are recycled, excess waste isn’t tolerated, and they use zero animal products throughout their entire production chain. Wearing a Dharma Bums item, alongside the amazing butter-soft fabric and performance through asana, really does inspire empowerment for us, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same.

Dharma Bums insists of a high level of ethics throughout the manufacturing process, so employees’ safety, well-being and wage are protected, meaning us consumers can feel empowered and really become part of the change. Each item is created in Sydney, Australia and is tried and tested in yoga studios worldwide to ensure they stretch when you do.

Make sure to have a little look at the new leggings in from Dharma Bums



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