15 Minute Guided Meditation For Celebrating the Present Moment

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Meditation is a fantastic tool for healing, self-growth and discovery, love and forgiveness and connecting to a deeper part of you. We love to incorporate meditation into our yoga classes and personal lives to do just that! We have found that using meditation helps to quiet our minds, reducing the chaos and noise of our thinking which ulimately helps us to lead more peaceful and mindful lives. 


In this 15 minute guided meditation, you will celebrate the present moment, not just what you have in this moment but also who you are, right now. It is so important for our mental and spiritual well-being to take time to be mindful of ourselves and our surroundings in each moment, and not to get caught up in our thinking. This can be a real challenge for meany people, sometimes we can experience so many thoughts that finding mental clarity and stillness is near enough impossible. this is why a regular practice of meditation can help you find peace and quiet inside your own mind. 

Many people find that a guided meditation helps to focus a noisy mind and they can be wonderful tools for connecting to your deeper self. Our guided meditation script can be read out loud by yourself (or a loved one) and then played back to you during your meditation practice. This script should last approximately 15 minutes, but this will vary depending on how long you hold your pause for, this is up to you!

We highly recommend that you find a quiet and comfortable place where you won't be disturbed before you start your meditation. Feel free to play music, light candles, burn incense and get into your comfiest clothes, this is your time!


Celebrating The Present Moment

Begin by getting into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.

Close your eyes and make any adjustments you need so you can feel comfortable, alert and relaxed.

Bring your attention to your breath, 

Notice the sensations of every inhale, through the nose, throat and lungs and every exhale through the nose, throat and lungs. Breathe deeply and from your belly. Stay present with each breath and just gently notice how the breath is the vehicle of your life. Do this for 10 mindful breaths. Allow each breath to be a quiet celebration of life. 


Feel the warmth spread across your body as you melt further into relaxation.

Now focus on your body, 

Taking a brief scan from head to toe, identifying parts, movements or physical abilities that you can appreciate.

Maybe saying a silent thank you every time something comes to mind.

Take the next minute or so to celebrate your body. Be in the present moment.


Now bring your attention back to your breath as your body hums with love and appreciation, for the kindness and gratitude you have shown it.  Come back into the present moment.

Imagine a circle being drawn a mile around where you’re currently sitting.

Turn your attention onto everything within that circle.

Perhaps it includes your living space, trees, animals, loved ones, neighbors or even meaningful locations.

For the next minute or so, let your mind scan everything within this circle and say thank you for each of the things you identify.


Now bring your attention back to your breath, and feel the warmth of love and appreciation for your surroundings.

And take a deep breath.

Now imagine yourself in relation to the entire planet.

See yourself in your corner of the world, so small compared to everything and everyone on earth.

And also recognize how significant you are as a part of this beautiful human race.

And be in the present moment here.

Take a minute or so to think about all the reasons to appreciate the world around you and say a silent thank you as you identify each of them.

Perhaps your appreciation is for breathtaking places you’ve seen in the world.

Or people you love who are scattered in different countries.

Or even a deep appreciation for the moment in time you are living.

Whatever you discover, take a minute to show appreciation for it all.


Now feeling this love and celebration of all things, come back to yourself, your body and breath. Focus your attention inwards, to your mind. The human mind is one of the most incredible and powerful creations and here you are, experiencing one every moment. 

You might have a noisy mind, with lots of thoughts racing through, but your mind is miracle. Celebrate your ability to think, celebrate your ability to find stillness between each thought and celebrate the consciousness that is aware of both thought and silence. 

Celebrate this space of being. 


Now bring your attention back to your breath, and breathe in the warmth of the love and appreciation inside and outside of you.

There is so much greatness in your life right now. No matter what you’re going through. No matter how you may feel today. You are surrounded by infinite blessings.

You are connected to it all, you are a part of it all…the body, the local, the global, the universal…the deeply spiritual.

And as you sit in appreciation of the present moment, of the magical truth that you are incredibly blessed, feel a deep sense of one-ness and completeness with yourself and your life.

Namaste, Beautiful


We hope you loved this 15 Minute Guided Meditation to Celebrate The Present Moment as much as we do! Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

By: Katrina Scales

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  • Sonya

    Thank you! As a yoga teacher in training I found this to be very helpful!

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