Would You Try Colour Yoga?

Yoga Instructor Aminta Gagnon Aminta hosted the first ever Colour Yoga class on Thursday 21st June to celebrate the Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day. This Colour Yoga class incorporated lots of wild paint throwing and crazy fun throughout a fiery yoga practice to make the most of the longest day of the year! 

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Summer Solstice is a time for renewal and celebration. A time to look at the pure relationship of the self and the soul! The changing of the seasons is one of the few natural phenomenon that marks the passing of time. This class was the perfect opportunity to come and connect to your yoga practice, balancing yourself with the time and gaining a deeper connection with the sun and the changing of the seasons.

In this colour yoga class Aminta guided students back to basics to where it all began .. Sun Salutations! After a few rounds of Sun salutations, Aminta kicked up the pace a little with a fiery and energising yoga sequences to leave her students’ body and soul feeling refresh, revived and coloured!

The class ended with a gentle meditation to allow the students to connect with their Sun and Inner Yogi, using this time together to tune into the energy of the season, leaving everyone feeling ready to embark upon the next chapter of the year

yoga with aminta, colour yoga, yoga hitchin lavender, outdoor yoga, international yoga day

What is Colour Yoga? 

Colour Yoga was created by Yoga Instructor Aminta Gagnon to add a little more fun and positive energy to her yoga classes. Throughout the yoga practice, students were given two colour packets to use when throughout their practice. Along with the help of volunteers wild colour paints were thrown around throughout the class especially in the hard poses like your half-moon and revolved half-moon balancing poses. 


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Yoga With Aminta: 

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