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When Kristine Deer took her first hot yoga class, she fell in love. She dreamed of the ultimate hot yoga shorts that could cope with the constant sweat, wear, and washing of a 6 day/week practice, and then tasked herself with designing them. The Bum Bum was born! Soon fellow students and teachers were queueing up to get their own pair, and so a recently unemployed Kristine took a leap of faith and stepped into the journey of running a business with her heart, and a passion that continues to shine through to this day.

KDeer leggings and shorts are built to WORK. Designed with the most demanding yoga practices in mind, you're sure to love the support these leggings give. Below are some of our personal favourites from KDeer!

Glory Days Leggings

KDeer Glory Days Leggings

Make everyday glorious! Your practice will never be boring, with the brightest leggings to brighten your day! These leggings are super flattering, and are designed to fit like second skin! The length gives the option to wear over the foot, which is perfect for those relaxing outdoors, or looking for an extra level of cosy indoors! Alternatively, you can roll up the ankle to fit your height, which is better for those wearing these to practice. 

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5" Pocket Short in Confetti

KDeer Pocket Short in Confetti

Our next shorts deserve a celebration! A funky print, flattering, comfy fit, and pockets that are actually fully functional! No more shallow pockets that can't even fit your phone in! 

Their water-friendly, quick drying fabric makes them great for hot yoga, or tossing in your beach bag for a day out. They even have UPF 50+ sun protection. Truly a pair of wonder shorts! 

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Capri in Emmie Stripe

KDeer Capri in Emmie StripeThe ultimate sport chic capris! The flattering high rise fit and cropped leg gives off major marathon vibes (but they are just as good for Savasana, believe us!) Super soft, these capris are designed to fit snug, but they are still comfortable, so much so that they can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy! 

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By: Izzy Bekesi

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