We Made Candles & Loved It!


We were so excited to partner up with B Loved to create our own signature candle range! We have been working with B Loved over the years and loved getting to know Lizzie.

They did a consultation with us to understand what we represent and to determine the ambience and aromas which would reflect us best. 

WEDOYOGA is a space designed to inspire and empower people to reconnect with their body and we wanted candles that represented this and scents that are as unique as our customers. 

B Loved selected essential oils to reflect the spirit of the space, the characteristics of the practice and the mood and energy associated with yoga and meditation.  Several candle blends were created to manifest all of the above which we test burned and then selected our favourites.

Straight Outta Savasana

This blend was designed for my favourite part of a yoga class; it needed to be gentle, peaceful and restorative.  We used 3 oils which complement one another perfectly.

Cedarwood is known for its soothing qualities.  The aroma is like a lovely, warm hug which is grounding, strengthening and comforting; helping to calm and clear the mind.  In aromatherapy, it is often used for nervous tension and stress related issues.  The balancing action makes it a lovely oil to use for anxiety.  Given its grounding nature, it also makes the perfect meditation partner.

Lavender is a panacea, its multiple properties are well known for combatting insomnia and reducing stress.  Promoting harmony and encouraging recuperation, the fresh, floral scent  reduces anxiety and supports a restful night’s sleep.

Sweet orange is a happy, sunny aroma which brings a lighter, brighter mood.  A lovely anchor when feeling anxious, banish your blues with this uplifting oil.

Light this candle before a gentle practice or a meditation.  Inhale and set your intentions.

New York State of Mind

This scent packs a punch to uplift and refresh the senses.  A gorgeous blend to balance and bring joy. 

Grapefruit is zesty, citrusy, mood boosting and refreshing.  Its reviving qualities make it useful if you are feeling lethargic – which is many of us during a pandemic.  A happy, energetic oil, great for a power yoga class or a meditation practice.

Petitgrain is floral and citrusy with a woody undertone.  Known for relieving restlessness, racing thoughts and irritability.  Focus the mind and set yourself free from anxiety.

This is the loveliest lockdown blend, use in a class or simply to boost mood and scent your space.

Sweet OM Alabama

This is such a warming, calming, soothing and relaxing blend.

Sweet orange brings the sweet sense of sunshine to the mix while Vanilla brings warmth.  A rich, exotic, soothing, sweet aroma which has an instant calming effect.  A scent to inspire solace which is completely comforting, aids in reducing anxiety and lowering stress.

Cinnamon is warming, spicy, stimulating and energising.  Strengthening and restorative, it is a tonic for troubled minds.  Amazing for anxiety and lovely for lowered immunity, this is a firm favourite for many. 

A beautiful meditation or yin candle.

Walking in Memphis

A blend of fragrance oils to create a charming, sweet, fruity aroma with cherries, dusky sloe berries and creamy almonds.  Florals of soft violet, jasmine, muguet with a touch of crisp apple and warming nutmeg with base notes of musk, amber and creamy vanilla.

This stunning scent stops people in their tracks, it’s a crowd pleaser.  As it’s not made with essential oils, it doesn’t offer any wellbeing benefits other than smelling great and scenting your home beautifully.

We loved working with B Loved to create bespoke blended aromas.  Shop now to get your favourite blend - https://www.wedoyoga.co.uk/collections/candles


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