Vegan Maki Rolls

vegan sushi rolls

Many people make a mistake of thinking sushi equals raw fish. The word sushi actually refers to fermented rice used in the dish, and the fillings can range from something simple, like grated carrots, to a rainbow combination sprinkled with sesame seeds. If you want to crank up the Valentine's day factor up to eleven, feel free to stick to red and pink fillings, such as red pepper, beetroot, pickled turnip or red cabbage.

Sushi rice
Sushi seasoning (mirin)
Nori sheets
Any chosen fillings
Pickled ginger and wasabi (optional)

Bamboo mat
Sharp knife
Cardboard (rectangular piece you can fold in two lengthways)

We won't go too much into the part where you make sushi rolls, that's actually the easy part – make sure to use the sushi seasoning in accordance with the amount of rice you're making, let it cool down, then spread the rice on a nori sheet, add fillings, and use the sushi mat to make a roll. Seal the edge with some water or a smidge of wasabi. Keep a bowl of cold water for your hands nearby, it will help you manage the rice. Once it's in a roll, place the folded piece of cardboard on one side and push a chopstick into the other side, then wrap some thread around the roll and let it set into shape in the fridge. Alternatively, use one of those sushi-making moulds with the heart-shaped attachment.

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