The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Mother's Day! Motherhood is probably one of the most challenging, cruical and of course rewarding roles that a person can play. The responsibilty of raising and caring for a child, helping to shape them into who they want to become, should never be overlooked. It's time to show your appreciation for the Mothers in your life. Whether that's your own Mother, Grandmother, partner, or yourself! Take a look at our Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide, for some serious gift inspo! 

Gifts for New Mothers

Life has been far from relaxed since you welcomed your little one, but watching your lover become a mother has filled your heart with joy and gratitude. Say thank you for the changed nappies, diligently-dealt-with disturbed nights, school runs and playdate pick-ups. She is always selflessly sacrificing her own time, so now is the time to let her take a break and get back to feeling herself! Motherhood does not come with a guidebook, but let her know she's doing great all the same! Show your appreciation to your lover with our Mother's Day Gift Guide. 



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Gifts to Say Thank You  

Let your mum know that she's your superhero. There's no one else who gives better advice, or has your back as loyally and protectively as she does! She raised you, guides you through your troubles with her unmatched wisdom, and whenever you feel in the mood for a chat, she's the one you call. Show your appreciation for all that she's done, and continues to do for you. Shop our collection of gifts that are perfect for giving back to your Mum this Mother's day 



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Feeling inspired? Dive a little deeper into our gift guides, and see what makes these products perfect for Mums!  

Manic Mom Day Candle

Manic Mom Day Candle By Candier at WEDOYOGA


The name speaks for itself! The best way to unwind at the end of a manic day is with a candle. Remind your mum to take a little time for herself at the end of all the mania. Every superhero needs a rest now and then!

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Personally Victimized Candle

Victimized By My Child Candier Candle at WEDOYOGA

Keeping in the theme of relaxation, this fun candle is a way of saying 'sorry for that rebellious phase I went through.' Hey, your mum put up with a lot of teenage tantrums, the least you can do is give her a cute candle! 

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Citrine Fine Cord Necklace

Wanderlust Citrine Necklace at WEDOYOGA

This gorgeous necklace by Wanderlust is a delicate and unique gift to give to your Mum. Handmade, one-of-a-kind, this necklace is as unique as she is. Yellow Citrines echo the Solar Plexus Chakra where we hold passion and creative energy. A creative outlet will help your mum release the stress that accumulates throughout the day. Plus citrine is November’s birthstone, so if you and/or your mum is a November baby, this is an extra level of personal! 

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Chakra Incense Sticks

Chakra Incense Sticks at WEDOYOGA

Mums need all the relaxtion they can get! These incense sticks are super pretty, super fragrant, and each one represents one of the 7 chakras. The most affected chakras by pregnancy and motherhood are the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus and Heart, so to go that extra thoughtful mile, pick up one of these tubes for Mother's Day!

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Varley Vine Pullover

Varley Vine Pullover at WEDOYOGA

Let's be real, Mum's don't have much time. They need clothes that will serve, both in looks and function, and be versatile enough to match the rest of their wardrobe. The Varley Vine Pullover is super high quality, super-versatile and sure to be a much loved gift. Plus it's so cosy, it's like giving your mum a hug even when you're not with her. 

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Moonchild Lunar Luxe Leggings 26" in Emerland

Moonchild Lunar Luxe Leggings 26" at WEDOYOGA

Timeless and luxurious, these Moonchild leggings are elegantly minimalistic and super comfortable. Their flattering fit and rich jewel tone will make them a sure fire favourite with fashion loving mums. Give them a fashionable yet functional gift they'll love, and get plenty of use out of!

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What gift is perfect for your mum this Mother's Day?


By: Izzy Bekesi

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