Spring into Wellness: 5 Yoga Poses to Renew Your Energy This March

As the flowers are starting to bloom and the sun is poking its head out from hiding, it is time to start a yoga practise to embrace the new beginnings of spring. Although the air may still be a bit crisp we can combat that initial bite with some energising yoga flows. 

The following movements will get your heart pumping, focusing on the all important mind body connection, use breath and muscle work to soothe a cluttered mind. It has been shown in many studies that yoga can improve your strength and flexibility if practised regularly. It in turn can reduce aches and pains, especially those we may have obtained during the previous colder months. 

Use this energising flow to embrace the new beginnings of spring. Ignite some light in your being and move in a way that feels good for you.

Forward Fold

  • Begin in a standing position at the front of your mat. Inhale deeply and gather the energy you wish to harness and reach your hands towards the sky 
  • On your breath out, begin to fold your body forwards, take it slowly, vertebrae by vertebrae as you decompress your spine. 
  • Let your hands graze your mat and if straight legs are not accessible to you, softly bend your knees. REMEMBER: this is YOUR practise, so there is no right or wrong in how far you can or cant reach. 
  • Melt yourself into this hanging position, play around with movement. Grab opposite elbows and swing side to side. Experiment with walking your legs to stretch out your hamstrings, or simply hang there and become present with your breath. 
  • Stay there for around 5-10 breaths

Downward Dog

  • From your forward fold, slowly roll back up to standing. 
  • Come to the end of your mat, roll down once more but begin to crawl your hands out onto the mat until you are in a plank position.
  • From here begin to push your hips high into the air, keep your back long and straight and your shoulders melted away from your ears
  • Your hands should be around shoulder-width apart and the chin should be ever so slightly tucked
  • Once again, experiment with this asana. Try pedalling out your feet, getting your blood flowing a bit more and finding a deeper hamstring stretch
  • You can try bending your knees, see if this helps in a straighter back alignment 
  • Move your hips side to side.
  • Feel where in your body needs the extra movement and engage 
  • Hold this position for 5-10 full deep breaths, there is no rush, enjoy the feeling!

Warrior 1 

  • If accessible to you, from your downward dog, raise one leg up towards the sky into a three legged dog
  • On your exhale, step that leg between your hands, bring your back foot down towards the mat
  • With a big inhale, rise up reaching your arms upwards
  • Keeping your hips shining forwards you are now in Warrior 1!
  • Settle into the pose without sinking into your hips too much, let your gaze soften in front of you and ignite your inner warrior through the power and strength of this pose
  • Experiment with twists and varying arm stretches within this pose
  • Keep here for 5-10 breaths

Warrior 2 

  • To follow on seamlessly from your Warrior 1, breath in and as you exhale widen your arms gazing over your middle finger
  • Open your towards the side of your mat
  • For some variety you vsn bring your back arm towards your straight leg and experiment with reverse warrior 
  • If you wish to deepen your Warrior, try bring your front hand towards the mat, detoxifying your body with a deep twisting stretch 
  • Once again, stay here for 5-10 breaths 

Come back to downward dog and repeat your Warrior sequence on the other side of your body, then finish in child’s pose

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose

  • Bring your big toes to touch, knees wide, and gently walking your hands towards the front of your mat
  • Tuck your chin to your chest, forehead resting on the mat 
  • For deeper side body stretching, walk your hands to one side, then repeat on the other
  • Feel the depth of this stretch
  • Rest here for 5-10 full breaths, or as long as is comfortable for you

Finish your practise in a soft seated position, close your eyes and become aware of your breath. Become aware of your body and breath and enoy the newfound energy you have gathered! 

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