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Inner fire was born in Vancouver, BC and sprang from a innate responsibility to look after our environment, ensure the global education of communities, cultivate peace through mindfulness and good vibes, and inspire an empowered yoga practice. Founder Leah was thrown into a new life path when she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that required surgery. The post-surgery recovery process allowed her to focus on and be creative with what she was passionate about - something to counter the throwaway fashion culture taking over the world. And these humble beginnings - hand-sewing everything herself and selling in local markets - lead her to a head up a globally-renowned brand. Inner Fire are today what they were back then - a lifestyle and yoga brand that really honour our mother earth and believe in dropping the egos, creating a connection, and finding positivity, adventure, love, laughter, a road less travelled and a strong passion for life in all that they do. They even donate part of their profits to The School Fund which provides education for those in developing countries who need it the most.

Their local, ethical and sustainable yoga lifestyle clothing is beautiful, first and foremost. Stunning designs, thoughtfully created, ensure you bring nothing but yoga chic to your mat each and every time you practice. Their leggings make sure to hold you up in the places which need holding up. They don’t move around while you move around. And their bright colours and vibrant patterns really make sure you’re inspired to get on your mat. 

We stock Inner Fire because we’re constantly inspired by the history behind this brand. We love the ethical stand they take, for education and environment, and this passion works its way into each and every piece, from leggings to pullovers. Not only this, but who can’t love the designs, the colours, and the imagination behind each pair of leggings or shirt? And, just as importantly, these leggings move with you through your practice ensuring you only have your mind on movement and feeling great. We love Inner Fire, and really hope you love them like we do. 

With love & light

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