Our Yoga Playlists To Start 2023

Happy New Year from the WEDOYOGA Family!

With the New year having arrived, it might motivate you to make changes or to start some great habits. This is usually difficult to begin and maintain, but one tool that can help us stay motivated is music.
Music has a significant influence on how we think, feel, and act. We can be immediately shaken out of a poor mood when our favourite song plays, or we can cry when we hear lyrics that speak to us. It might encourage us to keep going, to relax, or provide a welcome pause from the chaos of our minds.

In the same way, music can also influence our movement.
What type of music you like to listen to while practising yoga is entirely up to you. You might want music that is fast-paced and inspiring, or maybe you prefer silence to get you in the zone.
The music you choose can affect how you feel and how you flow with us.

Whatever you're looking for with your music choice today, we've got it!
Our instructors have produced a variety of tracks to accompany your yoga practise. Check out our playlists below to find your new fave songs!

Perhaps you want something a bit more relaxing:
Aminta's Slow burn flow
Su's Gentle flow

Something high energy: 
Aminta's Yoga rave
Colour Yoga

Or something inbetween!
Lucy's Vinyasa flow
Lydias Barre mix

We wish you a great 2023 and happy listening! 

Written by Lily Taylor

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