Our Top Gifts For Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday is upon us and it’s a time to celebrate and appreciate the mothers in this world. They come in all shapes and sizes - be they our own mums, cat mums, great mentors, the loveliest neighbour, or even ourselves! In the UK, we’ve been celebrating this holiday since the Middle Ages and as the world has modernised, we have opted for traditional gifts and a Sunday Roast (hopefully not cooked by mum) to treat the beloved women in our lives. But this year, why not try something a little different.  Because it’s not only a time to celebrate mums, it’s also a time to embrace and grow our more nurturing and patient spirits. So, we’ve come up with a few yogi gifts that evoke the mothering spirit within. You can either pick and choose a few things, or go for the whole lot and give her a Mini Yoga Retreat at home. So treat mum, or treat yourself!

Tea Ceremony

There’s nothing quite as special as savouring a beautiful cup of herbal tea - choose one that fills the senses with calming and loving aspects such as Chamomile, Mint, Fennel, or Lavender. 

We recommend setting up your tea ceremony in the morning and finding a quiet place to sit and reflect with a journal to write down thoughts and feelings or perhaps gratitudes and goals for the year. If a quiet spot at home is hard to find, take it to go! Grab one of our Sol Cups to take out and enjoy a bit of nature. 

Go With A Flow

While we can’t leave home just yet, we can bring the yoga class home by doing a few little things in the house. Set aside a little time and space for a yoga class and meditation. If you know family will be in the house, ask them to step outside for a couple of hours or watch a movie quietly in another room. Roll out the yoga mat and add a few cushions and props then tune into a WEDOYOGA Sunday class. After class, set aside a guided meditation that suits the day.

You can find all the props you needed in our shop, but if you’re not sure a good place to start is a mat, a strap, and a good sturdy block.

Spa Sanctuary 

Nothing sets up a calming spirit like soothing the senses. Candles, incense, bath salts, and a cooling face mask can create a spa like atmosphere in your own bathroom. If you don’t have a bathtub, try adding a few drops of essential oils to your shower to create a steam room vibe. We recommend Eucalyptus, Lavender, or Orange Blossom. For added experience, create a spa playlist full of smooth and atmospheric music. Depending on the environment you want to evoke, try adding sounds from nature like bird song, waves, or rain. We also have Relaxation Gift Boxes ready to go.

Mindful Meditation

Giving someone time for a bit of headspace can show more love and care than a card or flowers. Try finding an app such as Buddhify or Headspace for your loved one to choose a mediation from and set up their space with incense, a meditation cushion, and a bottle of water. If you’re looking for a fully prepared gift set, we have Meditation Gift Boxes available.

Wearable Wellness

There’s just something about a little jewellery to make us feel special. Add a little wellness energy into your gift by grabbing one of these chakra crystal necklaces. We also have Mala bracelets included in our Relaxation Gift Boxes.

We recognise that celebrating this special time can be hard, especially now, so whether you are treating a special mother in your life, honouring a loved one, or spending time on yourself we hope you have a beautiful and blessed Mothering Sunday.


With Love & Gratitude

Tara Clark & WEDOYOGA Family

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