How to Update Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is in full force and if you haven't updated your wardrobe, what are you doing?! 

Our style is always changing just as we do and it's natural to no longer be in love with the clothes we bought a year ago. Not only that, but with the change in season, it's unsurprising that we want our lifestyle and clothing to reflect that. Not only will the thick layers come off, but we naturally feel inclined to put on our brighter clothes and radiate the life around us. 

So without buying a whole new wardrobe, how can you refresh your style to make it more spring inspired?

Out With The Old

It's time to put those thick winter coats and jumpers into storage for next year, out with the dark colours, hats and scarves, and make room for the new you's wardrobe. It's always easier to put together an outfit if can actually see what you're working with, so make space!

You don't have to get rid of your winter staples but it is wise to put them to one side for these warmer months, under the bed storage works a treat for this!

If you have really fallen out of love with a piece, don't throw it away! You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. A staggering 350,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill each year in the UK alone so don't be a part of the problem! Donate your items to charity or even sell them online (extra money to spend on your new wardrobe!). A sustainable clothing system is circular, even if you don't see a use for it, someone else might!

Once your wardrobe has been deterged of all that no longer serves you, it's time for step 2. 

Plan ahead, Buy Responsibly

As tempting as it is to replace your whole wardrobe ready for spring, it's just not feasible, nor is it sustainable (check out our blog on Fast Fashion here). All you need are a few well thought out spring pieces that will refresh your wardrobe. 

The key here is to know what you like and shop for pieces that fill the gaps in your wardrobe (that you would have discovered from step 1). Shopping when you know what you are looking for will prevent you from buying too much of one thing (*cough* yoga leggings) and not enough of what you are actually missing. 

When you know what you like and are in love with everything you buy, chances are you will get good use out of it and it won't just sit taking up space in your wardrobe. Hopefully you will still be in love with it next spring too!

If you need any inspiration for spring inspired activewear check out our blog and shop our spring collection.

Work With What You Have

Most of your clothes will be just fine and might just need a little bit of creative 'zhuzhing' up. Colour is your friend here, even for those of you who only wear black, the right colourful accessories or shoes can add the sparkle that spring inspires. 

Spring is the time of growth, the joy of nature and the warmer weather so think how your clothing encapsulates this. The right animal or flower themed jewellery or colourful socks can really give an outfit the pop it needs. 

Depending on your style, spring might be the time for bold colours and statement pieces or adding a colourful headband might be as seasonal as it gets for you, there is no one way to do fashion and spring will look different for everyone. Own your style and what you like. 


Turn Down The Heat

With the weather warming up you want to stay cool and comfortable in your clothes! This means that the materials and style you want to wear may change. Breathable fabrics, short sleeves and loose, flowing tops are in! Incorporating these styles into your wardrobe is a must for having fun in the sun (no one enjoys being too hot).

If you're all out of shorts, go back to our second tip and shop for them responsibly!

Some brands make amazing clothes ideal for hot weather, one of our favourites, KDEER has rapid moisture-wicking technology for cool & dry, all-day wear and UPF 50+ protection (leggings that protect you from the sun? Literally awesome!). 


How do you like to refresh your wardrobe for spring? Let us know in the comments!

By: Katrina Scales

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