Gail Nolan


Gail is a part-time Plates and Barre instructor based in Hertfordshire. She likes to teach challenging classes but with a fun, playful element. Gail encourages all her students to push themselves - ‘walk away a little taller, feeling a little stronger”

Gail Nolan Pilates + Barre Teacher At WEDOYOGA Studio


After graduating from NUI Galway with a BSc in Microbiology, Gail arrived in the UK with the intention of sticking around for a few months before heading off to travel the world. 30 years later and she’s still here! In 2016, while on a career break from her role in the pharmaceutical industry, she decided to train as a Mat Pilates instructor and has since added Reformer Pilates, Barre and Aerial Yoga to her repertoire.


Gail loves to create positive movement experiences for clients regardless of their age, gender, previous experience, or ability. She likes to strike a balance between honouring the original Joseph Pilates repertoire while injecting an evolved, contemporary playful approach.

Qualifications: L3 Mat and Reformer Pilates (JPlates Ltd) Aerial Yoga (Flying Fantastic)


  • Her real name is Abbigail (yes spelt with two b’s) but she hates it.

  • She loves her dogs more than anything else in the world.

  • She has a longstanding goal to be able to do the human flag.

  • Her favourite food is anything spicy – the hotter the better


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